5 Must Have Hair Extension Accessories

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2 October 2020
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5 Must Have Hair Extension Accessories

Long, luxurious locks are fun. They also require maintenance and TLC to keep them in tip top condition. Caring for your hair extensions is essential to ensure that your mountainous mane thrives and wows here, there and everywhere! Here are 5 of Hair Development’s preferential picks to help your hair remain heavenly.

1)  Deep Conditioner

To provide hair with a rich, thorough clean a deep conditioner is essential. This is our most highly rated and recommended product for those stepping out with extensions. In order to nourish and protect hair, deep conditioners are enthused with an endless plethora of revitalising ingredients in every bottle. Unlike natural hair, extensions are unable to glean essential nutrients from the scalp. As such it is even more vital to feed the hair to keep it looking beautiful. This should be an essential component for every hair extension regime. 

2)  Tangle Teezer

We don’t know what we did before tangle teezers were invented. Often, eradicating pesky knots and teeming tangles is an agonizing, uncomfortable affair. Nowadays, you can keep your extensions sleek and manageable with the effortless silky caress of the tangle teezer, essential to prevent hair extensions matting. Available in a vast assortment of colours and patterns, painful brushing is now a thing of the past and helps you tame your tresses for silky sophistication. Banish the brush and chuck out the comb – a tangle teezer is all you need. 

3)  Flowers and shells 

One of the greatest things about long, thick hair is the ability to adorn it with a vast assortment of stunning decorations. Feminine, floaty flowers, bold head bands, jewelled tiaras and shells befitting of a beauteous mermaid maiden are captivating ways to add a quirky, funky twist to your lovely locks. The versatility of such looks means that you can add a novel appeal every day of the week to update your style for instantaneous impact.

4)  Hair Oil

In the same way that you might run your own hair through with a little oil, shimmer or glossing serum, keeping your extensions looking excellent means treating them with the same tender loving care as you would your natural hair. Shiny, shimmering oils needn’t be added in abundance. Just a small application can make a world of difference and help hair feel softy, healthy and beautiful.

5)  Hair Extensions Shampoo

Ordinary shampoos can manipulate and interfere with the bonding adhesives used with hair extensions making them a poor match. Hair extensions shampoos are specially formulated with extensions in mind therefore preserving and extending the life of the attachment. The shampoo provides a soft, gentle and yet ultra cleansing wash ideal for extensions.