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2 October 2020
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5 Ways to Combat Balding

The balding process is completely natural but it is highly undesired, even dreaded by most men. Whether lamenting the onset of male pattern baldness or a complete loss of hair, for many men, the initiation of hair loss signals a loss of self-esteem and confidence. Many factors can influence hair loss including stress (which abounds in today’s hectic modern world), genetics (gotta love them!), illness and adverse reactions to medications. All is not lost with natural hair; baldness is no longer a permanent hair curse. Here are 5 ways to combat the issue of balding.

1. Consult a Hair Development Expert

First thing first, when it comes to hair consulting an expert is an essential first step. Comprehending hair is a true science and with endless technologies and developments available on the market today, baldness is no longer a permanent process. There is an endless array of methods utilised to delay the balding process and to conceal and manage it once it emerges. Talking through options with a specialist will help you feel confident about which approach is best for your specifications, and at Hair Development we treat everyone as an individual.

2. Laser Hair Re-Growth Therapy

An utterly innovative option, laser re-growth therapy has been approved by the FDA and promotes growth in the hair cell and follicle. Mirroring the hair’s own three month growth cycle, many clients who try this method notice a change within this time frame. As a non-evasive, non-surgical option, such a treatment is highly desired by many men suffering with baldness. A low level laser light is used to penetrate the scalp tissues, inspiring growth within the deepest echelons of the scalp, follicle and hair cell. Proven to work, re-growth laser therapy is also useful to delay the effects of the onset of balding.

3. Miracle Graft Hair Replacement

Miracle graft hair replacements transplant individual human hairs with painstaking precision into a one-of-a-kind bespoke membrane. Replicating natural growth, texture and hair length, the system looks and feels authentic, mirroring the appearance of the human scalp and hair follicles.

 4.  Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

When people consider hair replacement solutions, they tend to think of surgery, which can be intrusive, time consuming and frightening. With non-surgical replacement, a natural looking membrane is secured with fine, authentic human hairs to harness undetectable results that look utterly authentic and flawless.

5. Celebrity Lace

Celebrities typically know a good thing when they see it, hence the name ‘celebrity lace.’ A favourite with the famous, celebrity lace features a handmade, undetectable lace front that merges with the scalp and reproduces the look of hair growing authentically from the scalp. Available in a range of colours, the versatility is endless and can be custom-made to order.

These are only 5 of the many options available so if you are lamenting your hair loss, speak with one of our consultants today to decide which option is best suited to remedy your baldness.