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2 October 2020
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5 Ways to Rock a Plait

Plaits are synonymous with school girls but the plait is a very versatile look that has been updated for stylish adults. Whether you want a look that’s sultry and severe, girly and playful or floaty and intricate, there’s a plait for every look – we’re here to introduce you to 5 of the prettiest plaits to play with.

1.  The Fishtail Braid

Sexy, sassy and lovely when loose, the fishtail braid is so-named for its strikingly intricate formulation. This look conjures up images of marvellous mermaids and deep sea sirens and is one of our firm favourites for its intriguing combination of strategic finger forming and tousled untamed appeal. The fishtail braid is best suited to teeming tresses and might take a little practice to get it just right – once you do get it, you’ll be the belle of the ball.

2. Waterfall  Braid

Cascading locks are ever alluring but merging your loose tresses with a slightly strategic braid adds a real point of interest and a feminine, girly update to die for. Waterfall braids are so utterly eye catching and gorgeous that they have fast become one of our favourites. The beauty of waterfall braids is that they look utterly delectable on multi-coloured or highlighted tresses, where the colour alterations really pop against the formation of hues.

3.  French Braid Bun

Up-dos are all the rage right now, helping to pull back the hair from the face and highlight your best features. Ideal as a flattering wedding do or a professional work look that still retains a little every day elegance, the French braid bun is best viewed from the back and can always be taken down for whimsical, womanly locks that curl and kink at all the right angles.

4.  Rope Braid

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!”

For hair that is worth climbing, the rope braid is so named because of its classic appeal, perhaps rendering it the closest to the plaits we know and love. Simple, straightforward and one of the easiest to learn, this braid is effortless to incorporate into daily life and looks playful yet contained. 

5.  Side-Swept Mermaid Braid

For a look that truly defies gravity and will leave an unwavering strong impression, the side-swept mermaid braid takes a lot of practice to make perfect and looks best on long locks. Dramatic, bold and gloriously feminine, this is one to wear when you want to make an immediate impact.

All these braids look great on long, thick hair, but fear not if you don’t have enough of your own – adding a weft of HD hair will do the trick for these styles.