About Us

The Human Hair Extensions and Hair Replacement Experts

Famed for its heritage and innovative approach, Hair Development are the longest established human hair extension and replacement experts in the UK. As world renowned experts and recently honoured as Best Practice in the 2021 Parliamentary Review, HD designs and manufactures the latest innovations for professional salons and consumers who demand the highest quality, superb value for money and incredible undetectable results.

Hair Development, the World’s Finest Extensions

As the symbol of the ‘World’s Finest Extensions’, Hair Development makes it possible for all to create their desired style & image, to add length, volume & creative colour, transforming the dream of beautiful hair into a reality.

Indeed, as one of the most trusted names in the industry, HD hair can be seen across the globe. Our expertise is sought to create bespoke products for movies, TV and the stage, with Pirates of The Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, 42nd Street, Spitting Image & Strictly Come Dancing among our projects. HD hair is discreetly worn by celebrities, movie stars, pop icons and people in all walks of life.

Hair Replacement Systems – Discretion is key

A natural restoration of hair and self esteem is vital when overcoming hair loss. Hair Development is widely acknowledged as leading experts and creators of hair replacement systems, whether from stock or custom made. It’s only good enough for us when you’re the only one who knows you have had hair replacement, and it’s why HD is the number one destination for people who have suffered hair loss, need to address thinning hair or desire more beautiful hair.

Hair Development is proudly recommended by The Trichological Society. Hair Development’s beloved late CEO and hair replacement pioneer, founding father, Stanley Levy MTTS was a member of this prestigious society. At the helm of Hair Development, Managing Director Mark Burns MTTS and Creative Director Janis Levy MTTS have taken the company to the next level. One of the many reasons that give Hair Development a unique position in the industry, is the exceptional expertise of the Hair Development team assuring every customer of its commitment to high standards and exceptional customer service.