Actresses with Enviable Long Locks

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2 October 2020
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Actresses with Enviable Long Locks

Celebs are known for their wild hair experiments but there’s some who just love it long. Here are some of our favourite long haired lovelies who are here to show that long hair is here to stay!

Angelina Jolie

Former wild child Ange is known for her cascading rivulets of dark hair. With her brilliant blue eyes and creamy complexion, Ange’s signature look suits her well and has seen her attract a multitude of handsome gentleman in her time, even snagging her the legendary long locked boy himself – Brad Pitt!

The Kardashian Sisters

Even if you are only familiar with Kim, the Kardashian clan love their long locks, parading their decadently dark tresses on their reality TV series. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney never have their hair shorter than their shoulders and the younger Kardashian sisters are following suit. 

Selena Gomez

Pine sized cherub cheeked Selena is known for two things; her baby face and her envy inspiring mane; thick, glossy and gorgeous – it’s everything hair should be. She snared the attention of teen sensation Justin Bieber so Selena’s gorgeously glam look obviously ticks all boxes.

Amanda Seyfried

The big eyed blonde has been parading her naturally long and thick blonde locks since her appearance in blockbuster comedy ‘Mean Girls.’ The long-locked lovely has stayed true to her statement style, clearly knowing what style suits her best.

Mila Kunis

Mila’s glossy chocolate box locks are well maintained and have an enviable lustre and sheen. Her hair falls in sleek, silky sheets. We bet Ashton just loves running his fingers through these tresses!

Jennifer Aniston

Famous for her layered ‘Rachel’ do, Jennifer has experimented with a few short and sweet styles but always returns to her longer roots (no pun intended.) Jen has perfected the surfy, ultra-California look that we just adore and steps out with cascading locks time and time again.

Ariana Grande

The diminutive diva who can belt out a tune to compete with Mariah Carey is known for her amazingly thick head of hair – recently collaborating for a blonde meets brunette look that is striking and sets her apart from her contemporaries. She is also famous for the scraped back ponytail look, which can only be achieved with long hair. 

Olivia Wilde

Olivia is perfectly striking in every sense; dreamy eyes, decadent bone structure and of course that hair. Olivia is bang on trend with her long locks dipped in a flattering ombre style to catapult her to the forefront of celeb style.

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