HD Elite Range – European Supreme Quality C.P.T. (Continuous Pre Taped) 45cm (18″) – 8pcs
28 September 2020
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28 September 2020
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All Lace

All Lace

Fully handmade by our experienced craftsmen using hand selected human hair one strand at a time. Finest soft lace throughout giving the most lightweight and breathable non surgical system. Fine lace merges and almost disappears completely into the skin realistically reproducing individual hairs growing from the scalp. Freestyle knotting allows you to achieve all styles including ‘off the face’ hairline.

Ideal for use with our high strength surgical lace tape and/or medical grade adhesive.

Base Size 9″ x 7″, Hair Length 5-6″, Density 95%.

Available from stock in 65 naturally graduated colours including grey percentages.

Call for our latest pricing information 020 7790 4567 – Trade enquiries welcome.

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