Au Natural Set to Make a Comeback

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2 October 2020
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Au Natural Set to Make a Comeback

It’s fantastic news for those who hate long sessions at the salon colouring their hair – the au natural look is making a comeback. Natural tresses are set to be one of this year’s biggest trends, along with natural looking make-up for a barely there look. On the catwalks already this year we’ve seen free flowing hair which doesn’t look dyed or chemically treated at all.

Celebrities are also leading the way in natural hairstyles – the trend is currently fronted by no other than Miley Cyrus. She’s the queen of wacky hairstyles and transformations, after famously restyling her long, youthful locks into a bleached pixie cut back in 2012. But it seems she’s gone a full circle, and now decided to leave the bleach alone and grow out her hair into a more conventional style.

Miley has been seen growing out her hair, which naturally seems to be about shoulder length at the moment. The colour and style looks less wild too, and we think she can totally rock the natural look. However, if she’s missing her extra-long locks she’ll probably turn to professional hair extensions soon so she has more options for hairstyles.

Natural Looking Hair Extensions

Although being totally natural is currently on trend, sometimes we all need a little help with our hair. Not all of us are blessed with thick, healthy tresses, and often hair just refuses to grow – which makes it very difficult to stay 100% natural. However, help is at hand with natural looking hair extensions.

First of all you need to decide what to do with your hair colour – will you be growing it out to reveal your natural colour? Perhaps you have highlights or a dip dye style, which is still absolutely fine. However we love women who embrace their natural colour, and there is no better time to do it than now.

Once you know what colours are in your hair, you’ll be able to colour match extensions perfectly. Our hair extensions are available in over 45 shades, and you can also mix and match a few shades if you hair isn’t consistently one shade. HD’s 100% human hair extensions also look and feel completely natural because it’s real hair.

With HD’s hair extensions you can make the most of your natural locks by giving them an extra boost. Whether you need length or volume, wear them in confidence because nobody will ever be able to tell it isn’t your natural hair.

Find your perfect extension colour to embrace the natural trend now.