Battling Postpartum Hair Loss? Hair Development Has the Answer

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2 October 2020
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Battling Postpartum Hair Loss? Hair Development Has the Answer

One of the most trusted names in the hair replacement and professional extensions industry, Hair Development, are reaching out to new mothers who may be experiencing hair loss after childbirth.  The industry leaders provide a number of hair replacement solutions, from lace-front wefts to laser therapy to stimulate re-growth.

Hair Development, based in London, have been experts in the field of hair replacement methods for men and women for over 40 years.  One of Hair Development’s area of expertise is catering to women suffering from alopecia or other medical conditions, in addition to cancer patients battling the side effects of chemotherapy.  With recent media coverage on Kim Kardashian’s postpartum bald patches, Hair Development are urging recent mothers everywhere not to suffer at home in silence, but to seek help in the form of their hair replacement methods.

Managing Director of Hair Development, Mark Burns, says “We understand how distressing it can be for a woman to lose her hair; whatever the reason, it’s usually her crowning glory.  For over 4 decades we have helped women regain confidence with the use of our hair replacement systems, which use cutting-edge technology to ensure discretion.  As postpartum hair loss is only temporary, women dealing with it will need a fast and easy solution until the hormones and hair growth return to normal.  Hair Development provide a selection of versatile hair replacement solutions for women, allowing them to get on with the more important things in life rather than worrying about hair.”

For total confidence, Hair Development recommends their exclusive Skinvisible hair replacement solution, designed by the experts especially for ladies.  The hand crafted system uses a skin-like membrane, with strands of hair implanted one at a time to give the illusion of natural growing hair from the scalp.  The Skinvisible product is stretchable and comfortable to wear, whilst being totally undetectable for the ultimate self assurance that nobody will notice a thing.

Alternatively, new mothers have the opportunity to stop their hormonal hair loss and speed up re-growth by opting for laser therapy.  This scientific approach is non-surgical and is proven to be an effective treatment in the re-growth of hair follicles and cells.  The many benefits of laser re-growth therapy include stimulation of the hair follicle, the repair and improvement of the hair shaft and it is also proven to stop further hair loss.

The wealth of choice in hair replacement solutions from Hair Development is second to none in the professional hair extensions industry.  Mark added, “We offer an ideal solution for everyone by providing a custom service which caters to individuals’ needs.  We provide discreet consultations where women can discuss their concerns, and if we can’t find a suitable product we will make a bespoke solution.”