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2 October 2020
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Black Tie Hairstyles

The Christmas season is on its way and for men there are a multitude of opportunities to don their best suits and look dapper. From office Christmas parties to social cocktail evenings, the silly season is one of our favourite times of the year. Of course, pulling off an ultra-suave look involves paying ample attention to the hair. After all, everyone knows that on-trend gents know how to rock a stylish cut. Need some inspiration? Read on for our guide to essential black tie hairstyles for all lengths.

Short hair

If you’ve got short hair with a Grade 3 clipper cut at the back/sides and around 4cm of length on top go for a swept back look with no part. It’s short and sharp which makes it great for dinner suits and dress shirts. Use texture spray to add volume and ensure the back sweep stays in place.

Curly/mid length

If you’ve got curly or mid length hair measuring in at around 6cm then a classic side sweep is a great option. Use a blow dryer to sweep the hair back off the face and part at the sides for a suave finish. Our style inspiration for this one if the ever endearing Benedict Cumberbatch. He definitely knows a thing or two about how to get the ladies swooning.

Straight/mid length

Reminiscent of a bygone era, straight hair that’s around 6-8cm in length never fails to look sharp. Opt for a classic side part a la Leonardo Di Caprio, then use product to comb the hair backwards. If your hair’s thick but you still want to pull off this look ask your stylist to thin it out a little.

Long hair

Celebrities are rocking long tresses on red carpets across the globe, from collar length and beyond. Kit Harrington, we’re looking at you! It gives black tie outfits a seriously edgy look that’s stylish and sexy, yet not necessarily unpolished. To pull it off be sure to trim off split ends and tidy up the neck/sideburn areas.

Buzz cuts

There’s not much to work with when it comes to buzz cuts which means that shine and definition is the name of the game. Ask your stylist to refine your hairline and if your locks are slightly thicker, use a touch of product to add lustre.

Whatever your hair type or length, our stylists are on-hand to create black tie worthy looks that are guaranteed to look dapper.