19 April 2021

The Parliamentary Review 2021

Hair Development is honoured to have been approached by The House of Lords as a Best Practice Representative for the much lauded Parliamentary Review Please click the link for the full story https://www.theparliamentaryreview.co.uk/organisations/hair-development-uk
20 November 2020

Welcoming 2021

2021 is fast approaching with a welcome vision ahead as Hair Development, the UK’s premier award winning Hair Replacement company bring new concepts and innovative products to life. Our new website is launching and there are exciting times ahead. For out of the darkness the light beckons and together, as a nation, the UK is looking forward. In January 2021, the HD Training Team will be at the HDHQ Training Academy demonstrating how you can keep your clients for life. […]
26 October 2020

How To Pick The Best Hairstyle That Suits You?

Which haircut suits me? This frequently asked question has a simple answer – the key to a flattering hairstyle is one that gives an illusion of an oval face. Other factors to be taken into consideration are the texture of your hair and your personality and lifestyle! Combining all of these with highlighting your best features is the job of your professional hairstylist – want to know how to pick the best hairstyle that suits you? Read on… Which Hairstyle […]
25 October 2020
close up of a hair brush

Can You Prevent Chemotherapy Hair Loss?

Hair loss from chemotherapy is a common side-effect of the process. But because it is a very visual part of the process, it is also often said to be one of the most distressing ones. So why does it happen? And is there any way to prevent it? Let’s find out: Why is one of chemotherapy’s side effects hair loss? Not all chemotherapy causes hair loss. Different drugs or dosages can cause hair to thin, fall out or remain unaffected. It’s also […]
25 October 2020

Brave Barbers – introducing Life After the Beard

  Life After the Beard     Hair Development has been at the leading edge of hair extensions, professional hair extensions systems and Hair Replacement Systems for men and women for over 50 years. As a world-renowned expert in hair extensions and replacement, we develop and bring the latest innovations to professional salons and consumers who demand the highest quality, a completely natural look, undetectable results and great value for money. Hair Development: a Symbol of the World’s most incredible […]
24 October 2020

How to Reduce Damage to Your Locks

Constant heat and styling can wreak havoc on your locks. No matter how many deep conditioning treatments you use, sometimes damage to hair – and scalp – is irreversible. The best way to keep locks looking lovely is to prevent the damage in the first place, rather than trying to reverse it. This can be difficult, considering everything from the environment to the hairdryer can cause long term damage. Here are some top tips from the HD experts for reducing […]
24 October 2020
a man getting a hair cut

Hair Styles to Rock with a Hat

Hats are SO in this winter, however ladies can often have a tough time deciding how to wear their hair under the super stylish winter accessories. Plus, most ladies have an intimate relationship with their locks, associating them with confidence, femininity and their individual sense of style. Lucky for you, we’ve got winter hat and hair combos all wrapped up with our guide to some seriously slick ‘dos’ that will look hot to trot when teamed with hats. Side French […]
23 October 2020
the barber magazine cover

Life After the Beard

Will the Bravest of Barbers please step forward In our incredible business of Hair, you have the power to make people look and feel superb. Your clients are loyal. Constant. And a captive audience in your chair. But are you able to provide them with the very latest cutting edge technology? You now have the ability to enhance your clients and your profits with exciting state of the art products from Hair Development and furthermore, you will keep your clients […]
22 October 2020
A woman with dark brown hair

Ways to Encourage Natural Hair Growth

Natural hair growth, like all hair growth, is affected by nutrition, hydration, and overall physical health. But there are some ways to encourage growth of natural hair specifically: Combining shea butter, which has many beneficial effects for natural hair that I have written about in another post in more detail, with peppermint or lavender oil to activate hair growth effects. Using the LOC method, which stands for liquid, oil, and cream, in that order. This locks in moisture until your […]
22 October 2020

The Legend SL

Hair Development is at the leading edge of professional non-surgical Hair Replacement Systems for men, women, everybody. Headed by our beloved CEO Stanley Levy MTTS, of blessed memory, for over 50 years HD has developed revolutionary Hair Replacement solutions and some of the world’s most advanced manufacturing techniques for clients who demand the highest quality, with completely natural looking undetectable results and superb value for money. Having trained closely for many years under the expertise and guidance of Stanley, HD […]