Brave Barbers – introducing Life After the Beard

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24 October 2020
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25 October 2020
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Brave Barbers – introducing Life After the Beard

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happy bearded man combing his hair YMRCS83


Life After the Beard



Hair Development has been at the leading edge of hair extensions, professional hair extensions systems and Hair Replacement Systems for men and women for over 50 years. As a world-renowned expert in hair extensions and replacement, we develop and bring the latest innovations to professional salons and consumers who demand the highest quality, a completely natural look, undetectable results and great value for money.

Hair Development: a Symbol of the World’s most incredible hair.

Life After the Beard is the UK’s newest pioneering programme for Barbers, for training in the art of non-surgical Hair Replacement, enabling barbers to keep their clients for life and the reality of clients keeping the hair they covet.

Indeed, as one of the most trusted names in the industry, HD meets the most exacting requirements to help people from all walks of life, whether men, women or transgender, and HD has been fulfilling dreams for decades, giving everybody the potential to create themselves into the person they were born to be.

The HD team will guide you to completing transformations. To help you to create for you the hair of your clients dreams. A bespoke creation, designed with the world’s most beautiful hair. It really is comparable to the icing on the cake for hair will probably be the first thing people notice. A brand new crowning glory. To complement the soul and complete the person.

Hair Development have been creating hair for decades for revolutionary people.

Whether your clients want a subtle slide into a new look or revamp themselves, HD will help you to make their dreams a reality. Together we will design and create your exact requirements. Their hair, their way. Long and luscious, short and rough, but magical and undetectable in that it will look as though it is growing directly from the scalp.

You already know what feels right and you know how to make the change. Let HD help you guide your clients through their journey so that they can take to the world’s stage and sing out loud, I am what I am.


Hair Development is proudly recommended by The Trichological Society. HD’s late founder and undisputed guru of the hair industry, is the beloved CEO Stanley Levy MTTS.  Managing Director Mark Burns MTTS and Creative Director Janis Levy MTTS are members of this prestigious organisation, and have many years of experience and expertise in the hair treatment, replacement and trichology field, giving Hair Development a unique position in the industry with the assurance of its commitment to high standards and excellent practice.

Hair Development continually invests a significant amount of time and money in researching and developing complete ranges of innovative Hair Replacement solutions and application processes. The range of extensions, replacement solutions, treatments, processes, machinery and systems along with our renowned premium hair is exclusive to Hair Development in the UK.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems – Only You Will Know

NON-SURGICAL HAIR REPLACEMENT: Hair loss is a sensitive issue for people worldwide with many possible remedies and solutions. Often, the thought of surgery or medication is enough to discourage a person in their pursuit of resolving hair loss, especially with all the recent discoveries in the press that the products used with surgical options can diminish a person’s libido. Nobody wants that. Touch wood.

Non-surgical Hair Replacement is the only guaranteed pain free solution to hair loss. It allows the individual to control how quickly the hair is restored and how much hair they have in the future.

The advanced technology and materials used in this technique of Hair Replacement make for truly amazing and undetectable results.  This treatment is beneficial for everybody, especially those concerned with the initial onset of hair loss.

LASER THERAPY & RE-GROWTH MACHINES:  Particularly successful for clients with early signs of thinning and hair loss, typically within the first 5 years. Our clinical laser use Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) that gently and safely stimulate the hair follicle just below the scalp lining.

This therapy increases the blood flow to the follicles allowing nutrients to be delivered and therefore stabilising hair loss and encouraging re-growth. Results can vary from client to client with a typical success rate in excess of 80%.

The laser therapy is completely safe and pain free and clients can achieve the best results when used in conjunction with our MGT topical products. A programme will be tailored to your requirements and include the MGT topical products.

Hair Development’s clinical laser re-growth machines are supplied worldwide and each machine can be branded for you.

Benefits of HD Laser Hair Re-Growth Therapy:

•           Proven, effective and painless.

•           Stimulates hair follicle and encourages growth.

•           Repair and improve quality of the hair shaft.

•           Strengthen and improve elasticity of the hair.

•           Help to prevent further hair thinning and loss.

•           Increase blood supply to scalp in excess of 50% after just one treatment.


Training places for Life After the Beard are now available in the HD HQ Training Studio in East London. Call now to reserve your place and keep your clients for life.

020 7790 4567