25 October 2020
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Brave Barbers – introducing Life After the Beard

  Life After the Beard     Hair Development has been at the leading edge of hair extensions, professional hair extensions systems and Hair Replacement Systems for men and women for over 50 years. As a world-renowned expert in hair extensions and replacement, we develop and bring the latest innovations to professional salons and consumers who demand the highest quality, a completely natural look, undetectable results and great value for money. Hair Development: a Symbol of the World’s most incredible […]
24 October 2020
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Hair Styles to Rock with a Hat

Hats are SO in this winter, however ladies can often have a tough time deciding how to wear their hair under the super stylish winter accessories. Plus, most ladies have an intimate relationship with their locks, associating them with confidence, femininity and their individual sense of style. Lucky for you, we’ve got winter hat and hair combos all wrapped up with our guide to some seriously slick ‘dos’ that will look hot to trot when teamed with hats. Side French […]
23 October 2020
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Life After the Beard

Will the Bravest of Barbers please step forward In our incredible business of Hair, you have the power to make people look and feel superb. Your clients are loyal. Constant. And a captive audience in your chair. But are you able to provide them with the very latest cutting edge technology? You now have the ability to enhance your clients and your profits with exciting state of the art products from Hair Development and furthermore, you will keep your clients […]
22 October 2020
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The Legend SL

Hair Development is at the leading edge of professional non-surgical Hair Replacement Systems for men, women, everybody. Headed by our beloved CEO Stanley Levy MTTS, of blessed memory, for over 50 years HD has developed revolutionary Hair Replacement solutions and some of the world’s most advanced manufacturing techniques for clients who demand the highest quality, with completely natural looking undetectable results and superb value for money. Having trained closely for many years under the expertise and guidance of Stanley, HD […]
2 October 2020
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TOWIE Star Wears Male Hair Extensions to Television’s Biggest Awards Ceremony

Last month, TOWIE star Tom Pearce shocked the nation as he admitted to wearing male hair extensions to the National Television Awards.  Whether it was a PR stunt or a genuine desire for longer, thicker hair, Tom is sure to set a trend for appearance conscience guys nationwide. Male attitudes towards hair are changing, and it appears many more men are willing to go the lengths that women do to get long and lustrous hair.  The market for professional hair […]
2 October 2020

Top Trends for Men in 2015

2015 is peppered with top trends and this year it’s all about men! If you fancy spellbinding with a sensational new style, keeping up with your New Year’s hair based resolutions or just branching out for a brand new look that the lady in your life will love, here’s an introduction to the up and coming trends that will see you through the year. Hair Extensions Formerly a predominantly female domain, hair extensions are becoming an increasingly unisex affair. Men […]
2 October 2020
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Top Looks Hair Extensions Can Help Guys Achieve

While long luscious tresses may be traditionally associated with the female contingent, more and more gents are jumping at the chance to instantly enhance their locks and create a look that would take months, if not years to achieve. The convenient addition is becoming increasingly popular amongst fashion conscious fellas who love the look of longer hair but don’t want the hassle of growing it themselves. Here are our favourite styles that extensions can help you conquer: Tousled Sexy ‘come […]
2 October 2020

Top 4 Reasons Why Professional Male Hair Extensions Rock!

If you’re a guy who has ever considered getting hair extensions the chances are that you’re not 100% happy with your current locks. Why suffer on a daily basis when you can instantly fix the problem with a quick trip to the hairdressers? There are all kinds of benefits associated with getting male hair extensions! Here are our top 4 reasons why extensions for men rock: 1.   They let you achieve instant celebrity style Have you ever gazed at the silver […]
2 October 2020

Tight Manbuns and Ponytails Can Cause Traction Alopecia and Thinning for on-Trend Guys

All men of the moment are sporting one – but there are fresh warnings from the industry about the side effects of the manbun or ponytail. Hair replacement experts at Hair Development are joining top dermatologists and trichologists in warning men – and women – who regularly wear top knots and manbuns about the increased risk of traction alopecia. Since the style came into fashion, dermatologists have seen more cases of traction alopecia as it appears the manbun, manbraid and […]
2 October 2020

Three Top Tips to Keep Extensions in Prime Condition

You’ve spent weeks of planning; texture choosing, colour matching and deciding what length to let your new luscious hair fall.  Now, all you need to do is maintain the human hair extensions in tip top condition, to ensure they last the lengthy amount of time they are designed to.  Obviously, extensions need to be kept in prime condition to look natural and healthy at all times, and to keep the secret between you and your hair stylist that the whole […]