Laser Hair Re-Growth Therapy is a scientific treatment approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Association) suitable for both men and women.

The therapy is proven by the FDA to be an effective treatment in the development and re-growth of the hair follicle & cell. The hair has a natural 3 month growth cycle and most clients notice a difference within this short period of time.

Laser Hair Re-Growth Therapy is a non-surgical, non-evasive, scientific approach to aiding the treatment of hair loss, thinning hair and scalp problems. It has been medically tested and proven to be safe and effective. The therapy utilizes the use of therapeutic low level laser light and works on the same scientific principle as photo biotherapy. The process occurs when cells absorb light and repair themselves. Laser light penetrates deep into the scalp tissues, stimulating the circulation of the blood supply, cell metabolism & protein synthesizes. Studies suggest this activity breaks down the collection of DHT reducing hair loss and promoting the growth of healthy hair. Industry experts and physicians are praising the use of this new technology as an effective treatment of hair loss when used in conjunction with proper scalp and hair products. Laser Hair Re-Growth Therapy has been shown to work for up to 80% of participants.

Benefits of Laser Hair Re-Growth Therapy

  • Proven to regrow hair 
  • Stimulates hair follicle 
  • Repair and improve quality of hair shaft
  • Strengthen and improve elasticity of hair
  • Stops hair loss
  • Increase blood supply to scalp in excess of 50% after just one treatment.