Many men going through genetic male pattern hair loss or thinning hair due to stress and other medical factors experience anxiety, a loss of confidence and self-esteem and social exclusion as a result of losing their hair. They can also feel compromised in the workplace.

The advanced techniques now available, many which have been innovated by Hair Development, have revolutionised hair replacement techniques available to men. Many men have joined the legions of TV personalities, movie stars, actors and pop stars who wear hair replacement systems with total confidence in the knowledge that no-one will ever know their secret.

As globally respected experts in this field, Hair Development has developed and created the most advanced systems using the most refined polymer and microfilament ‘skins’ meticulously hand-crafted with the finest human hair. Combined with our state-of-the-art attachment systems and over 60 colours and expert integration by one if our hair replacement stylists, no other systems look, feel and promise the results delivered by over 40 years of expertise invested in every system either from stock, or customised to your exact requirements.