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For women, hair loss is a distressing experience. Changes in the body, alopecia, cancer treatments and other hormonal and medical conditions can affect normal hair growth either permanently or temporarily. When you experience circumstances that result in the loss of hair, we understand how stressful this can be.

At Hair Development, we ease the anxiety of hair loss so you can focus on what really matters, without worrying about your hair.

Stretch Skinvisible

The versatile solution for hair loss in women

We have created SKINVISIBLE, the ultimate stretchable hair replacement solution designed especially for ladies. We have applied all our expertise to painstakingly hand craft the most comfortable, undetectable system using the latest clear monofilament skin-like membrane, with human hair expertly implanted one hair at a time, so even up close, it looks just like the hair is growing naturally from your scalp.

Versatile and stretchable, Skinvisible moves with the natural contours of your scalp. It moulds to your head shape without wrinkling or creating bumps and creases. You’ll forget you’re wearing Skinvisible and no-one will ever know but you!

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