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M-Fold Extensions – 18″ (45cm) 10 Strands per pack
28 September 2020
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HD Elite Range – European Supreme Quality Mini Strands – 25 Strands


Mini Strand – Strongest Link hair has a unique blended tip, which is both durable and flexible. The tip does not break or shed and will not damage the client’s own hair. No adhesive, no heat, no solvent, a micro sized link, virtually invisible to the eye. Each link is made by precision machinery and electronically plated. An extremely fast system, giving total security yet easy to remove with the correct tool. (For Use With Micro Rings / Strongest links) Our original & exclusive European supreme quality hair with the revolutionary micro polymer cross linking treatment. The treatment encapsulates the hair with micro polymers, which is like a fine invisible net that fills the space between the cuticles, resulting in a silky smooth surface that will not tangle. The hair also benefits from a perma moisture treatment that injects a protein inside the hair cortex keeping the hair from drying out. Our supreme range is cuticle intact, the cuticle being the hair’s protective shield. Cuticle intact hair is more durable and reflects a natural shine. Natural drawn to match your own growing hair.

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