Are HD extensions safe?

Absolutely! HD hair is ethically sourced from the finest in the world and our application techniques are incredibly gentle.

Can I have extensions in any shade, because I don’t want to bleach or colour my own hair?

HD has an extensive range of more than 45 colours, including hilites and multi-blends, so any combo is possible. if you would like even more options, they are 100% Human Hair, so can be coloured too.

Can I dance all night in extensions?

Of course! Just remember that your beautiful HD Extensions have been applied by an HD specialist, so be gentle at the attachment points and don’t scrub or rub at your hair as you fly around the dance floor. Aside from that, have a wonderful time!

Will hair extensions damage my hair?

HD Extensions are designed, created and manufactured using revolutionary techniques. Extensions do not damage hair when they are applied properly and receive the correct maintenance. Always educate your clients in aftercare, because when they see the fabulous finished product they will literally think it is their own wonderful hair. Damage can only be caused with inferior hair applied by a non-specialist. Which is why we always stress to go for the best hair from the professionals. HD. Every time.

Washing? What to do!!

Be gentle, use water that is not too hot, dilute your shampoo and conditioner and don’t scrub at the attachment point. It can be hard to forget that HD Extensions are not your naturally growing hair, so just be a little careful.

How do I make my salon exclusive?

HD Elite Weft. The perfect choice for unrivalled hair, created to make this system the pinnacle of perfection. If you choose HD Elite Weft, we can discuss options so that you could be the only one in your area to provide your clients with such luscious beautiful hair. Exclusivity is a beautiful thing.

Laser Hair Re-Growth Therapy? Why?

Laser Hair re-Growth Therapy kick starts your hair toward regrowth, encourages blood flow and stimulates those follicles. Non-invasive and with an 80% success rate, it’s a superb addition to your salon. Your clients will come in more regularly for a quick spa-like relaxing treatment. This vital therapy can begin at any time, even with a full of hair. Have to keep those follicles happy and strong!

Hair Replacement. What can I do?

Come in to HD for a free consultation without obligation. An HD Specialist will explain your options, the process and amazing outcome, which will guarantee a full head of beautiful head. HD have been here for more than fifty years, caring for your confidence and self-esteem. You can trust HD to show you the way ahead.

Do you offer training?

HD offer education packages for professional within the industry.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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