Female Hair Loss is Final Taboo – Hair Development Ensures Women Are Not Alone

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2 October 2020
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2 October 2020
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Female Hair Loss is Final Taboo – Hair Development Ensures Women Are Not Alone

Unlike male hair loss, female hair loss still remains a taboo. 46% of women suffering with hair loss keep it a secret from friends, family and their partners. With nearly 50% of women experiencing hair loss choosing not to disclose their hair status, pioneering venture Hair Development aims to reverse the trends of secrecy and shame surrounding female hair loss with its advances in hair replacement therapies and hair loss solutions.

Although hair loss is most commonly associated with men experiencing male pattern baldness, the triggers for hair loss amongst women are numerous and include hormonal changes during pregnancy. Chronic stress, genetics, high quantities of vitamin A in the blood stream, protein deficiency, anaemia, lupus and chemotherapy are also likely culprits of female hair loss.

Women can also be prone to hair loss after experiencing autoimmune malfunctions which cause conditions such as alopecia. Regardless of how well dressed, coifed and manicured a woman looks, when hair loss strikes, females often feel powerless, embarrassed and defeminised. Fortunately, Hair Development has the know-how to tackle such hair loss which have a dramatic effect on women’s lives.

Mark Burns, Managing Director of Hair Development said, “Most people identify hair loss with men but it’s a real issue for many women too. Women often connect very closely with their hair; it represents their femininity, their beauty and directly correlates to their desirability, youth and self-esteem. When a woman loses her hair, either totally or partially, it can be detrimental to her confidence.

“So many women try to hide their hair loss because confronting it can be embarrassing and many women feel that nothing can be done. Many women will not even go to their GP – the taboo around the subject just seems too large and yet hair loss and thinning hair are not rare by any stretch of the imagination.”

With industry expertise stretching beyond 50 years, Hair Development offers three hair replacement options for women: laser hair re-growth therapy, Skinvisible and Hollywood Lace. Laser hair re-growth therapy is FDA approved and promotes the re-growth of the hair follicle and cell. Each strand of human hair typically follows a three month growth cycle and the majority of clients experience re-growth during this time. As a non-evasive, non-surgical procedure, women who are reluctant to opt for surgery can reap the benefits of the treatment intended to combat hair loss, scalp issues and thinning hair. Utilising a ground breaking low level laser light, the light is used to penetrate the scalp and encourage hair growth. With a success rate of 80%, laser therapy is a popular treatment.

Skinvisible offers a versatile approach to hair loss that can be tailored to every individual. A flawless, stretchable system, Skinvisible is perfect for those with alopecia or patients undergoing chemotherapy. Individual human hairs are painstakingly implanted giving the impression of authentically flowing hair. Finally, Hollywood Lace is hand crafted using a lace base and Remy hair, coveted worldwide for its quality. Texturally lightweight and cool, the product is ideal for women in hotter climates.

Human hair extensions and fashion hair extensions are also available for women who want to boost the thickness, lustre and texture of their hair.