Gents Spend Up Big on Hair Care

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2 October 2020
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2 October 2020
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Gents Spend Up Big on Hair Care

Men are increasingly becoming more image conscious, which is creating a boom in the hair and beauty industry. A few years ago guys were unlikely to visit a hair salon often, or even think about buying a face moisturiser – but now it’s more likely than unlikely that a man will be wondering what to do to improve their appearance. More men have become style conscious and are increasingly trying to delay the signs of aging.

According to a survey of over 2,500 salon owners and employees by Salon Services, a quarter of all customers are now men. That’s seen a boost from a year ago when it was just 19%. 9 in 10 salons have also reported an increase in takings solely from male services. These figures show that men are making more of an effort with their hair, and staying on top of the trends by getting fresh cuts regularly.

How Much Do They Spend?

Men are certainly paying more attention to their appearance than ever before – it’s even been reported that men are spending even more on grooming than women spend on beauty products. A survey from revealed:

–      95% of men research grooming products before making a purchase

–      The average man spends £590 on grooming products annually

–      86% of men use moisturiser on a regular basis

–      78% would dye their hair if they saw grey hairs

The last statistic is especially surprising, as men can often ‘pull off’ grey hair and slowly transform into a ‘silver fox’ – which women still find attractive. The same can’t be said for women, who are expected to stay grey-free for a lot longer.

Of course, there are some exceptions to the rule and certain men are willing to spend a LOT more to keep their locks in perfect shape. Rapper and controversial star Kanye West has his own personal barber who he paid to move from Chicago to New York. Kanye apparently has his head shaven every single day, a task that he pays up to £167,000 a year for. That’s a cost of £330 per day just for shaving his head!

The male hair trends which are likely to cost more in grooming are popular long styles. Lots of guys are growing out their tresses in an attempt to create the perfect manbun or top knot. There has also been a huge rise in the use of male hair extensions, to get a fuller and longer look for these sort of styles.