Get Princess-Perfect Hair, Inspired by Disney’s New Cinderella, Lily James

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2 October 2020
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Get Princess-Perfect Hair, Inspired by Disney’s New Cinderella, Lily James

Fairy tales are back in fashion, with Disney’s Frozen, Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent and Kristen Stewart’s Snow White all reminding us that we love a good old fashioned story with a 21st century twist! Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella is the latest fairy tale to sweep us off our feet, starring the gorgeous Lily James as the world’s most beloved princess. While her beautiful blue dress and sparkling glass slippers were undeniably eye-catching, it was Lily’s stunning hairstyles that really stole our hearts! Want to know more? Read on for our inside scoop on Lily’s princess-worthy locks…


Official Cinderella movie poster


Long, luscious and beautifully curled, Lily’s hair for the official movie poster photoshoot had to be princess perfect! To get those gorgeous flowing waves Lily’s natural hair would have had to be incredibly long which means that we’re 99% sure hair extensions were used in this shoot. 


London Cinderella premiere

Lily is just as stunning off-screen as she is on-screen, rocking up to the London Cinderella premiere in a breath-taking silver Balenciaga frock. Of course, her locks were looking lovely, with her stylist opting for a sleek and straight look that perfectly complemented her art deco inspired style. Get the look with instant clip on fashion extensions that create a wonderfully natural look.

Pre-ball Cinderella

Even without a makeover from her fairy godmother, Cinderella’s tresses still make us green with envy. Lily’s natural hair would not have been this long during filming which means there is some definite hair extension action going on. Her ugly stepsisters may think she looks scruffy but we love Ella’s boho belle look. Perfect for riding around the woods on a horse and charming the pants off the local prince!

Lily’s first official Cinderella interview

Lily clearly loved her Cinderella look as she continued to flaunt her fabulous curly locks in her very first Cinderella interview. Once again, such voluminous curls would require some serious length which can be achieved in an instant by high quality human hair extensions.

At the ball

When Cinderella is transformed from a poor slave made into a magnificent ball goer, the moment is nothing short of magical. Of course, the fairy godmother knows her stuff when it comes to tresses and gives Ella a gorgeous hairstyle featuring tight curls and a pretty side plait. Recreate the look by investing in high quality hair extensions that you can curl, plait and style to your heart’s content.