Get the Winter Look with Hair Development’s Palette

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2 October 2020
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2 October 2020
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Get the Winter Look with Hair Development’s Palette

Winter is well on the way and summer has slinked off out the back door but the best thing about the autumnal and winter chill is the opportunities afforded to our hair with lovely looks to die for. To inject a little life into tiresome tresses, frazzled from too much sun, sea, and sand we’ll help you locate your dream winter look.

Are your undertones warm or cool?

Knowing whether you have cool or warm undertones is essential to making the most of your look. From hair and make-up to fashion, knowing your tone can radically revamp your style. There are a few ways to gauge whether you are a cool toned chick or a warm woman. Firstly, take a look at the underside of your wrist. If your veins are predominantly green, you are warmer toned whereas an influx of blue veins render you a cool blooded girl. Warm tones suit warmer hues, such as orange, gold and brown whereas cool tones suit blues, pinks and greens. It’s a complete myth that darker skin tones are all warm and fairer skin tones cold. You can also gauge your undertone by testing whether you suit silver (cool) or glow with gold (warm). Understanding your undertones has a huge impact on your hair choices. Whether you go platinum blonde or opt for a golden hue can match up with your colouring and exaggerate Mother Nature’s gifts. Here are a few heavenly colours for the chilly season….


Chocolate is a true autumn colour; rich, vibrant, decadent and utterly flattering. Chocolate is an ideal shade for Snow White’s or those with the lashings of a seasonal summer tan. Chocolate really works well with doe eyed ladies; think Cheryl, Jessica Alba and Lea Michele. Dress it up with an LBD to look like a true panther or go lighter to really emphasise those chocolate layers; pretty pinks, glorious golds and off-white ivory work well here but chocolate also pops against tropical colours like zesty orange and jungle green.


A rich, strong colour, burgundy works well with jungle cat dark eyes or lighter hues such as hazels, golds and greens. Red heads always know how to work green and blue outfits works well too, as do low key browns to subtly impact with the depth of the colour. Burgundy works well with warmer cool tones or lightly tanned skin as the strength of the colour can otherwise leech life from fairer faces.

Gold Blonde

Blonde Bombshells transitioning from summer, where they sizzle, into winter where they may wither, can cause an interesting change. Gold blonde is a great move along the colour spectrum because it’s warm and counteracts the winter frost! Gold blonde is ideal for blue or green eyed girls with fairer skin tones. Blonde is a great look with most colours; blonde really pops against black, red turns you into a siren, blues and greens are refreshing and pink brings out the playful side of beautiful blondes.

Flame Red

If you want to herald in the Christmas season in a big way, Flame Red is the way to do it. Red is a versatile colour that works well with a range of looks. It can really work well with fair skin, so long as it doesn’t suck the life out of your skin tone, but it also looks dapper with warmer skin tones. Dark eyes really get fired up by the strength of the red. Wear with black to dress the hairstyle down or up. Whatever you do – stay away from orange or red – you can have too much of a good thing!

Honey Brown

Honey is sometimes seen as a summer colour but it’s got just the right warmth and lustre to make it one of our favourite winter warmers. Ideal for fairer skin tones, blue and green eyes look well with honey. Matching with fashion ivory, gold, baby blue, red and pink all look great with such a hue.

Let us know – what hair colour will you be opting for this winter? Tell us on Facebook so we can see which of our shades are the most popular.