Going Kim K Platinum? Five Tips to Protect Your Locks

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2 October 2020
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2 October 2020
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Going Kim K Platinum? Five Tips to Protect Your Locks

The bleach blonde look is in after Kim Kardashian’s recent plunge into the platinum world. If you’re thinking of following suit, make sure you follow these top tips for maintaining the style – as it’s notorious for being a difficult colour to care for.

1.   Alternate Shampoos

Excessive shampooing can dull any hair colour, but with platinum hair it is even more noticeable as it turns a brassy blonde over time. The Hair Development experts recommend caring for the bleached hair by alternating between two shampoos: a protein-based, repairing shampoo and a toning shampoo. This purple toning shampoo will help the hair keep its cooler hues rather than warming to a darker blonde.

2.   Protect from the sun

Bleached hair can dry out fast, and when combined with the sun’s damaging rays your locks will start to lack lustre. Protect your tresses by covering up with a trendy floppy hat or headscarf and applying UV protection spray.  

3.   Deep Conditioning

Coloured hair is more susceptible to dryness and damage, and this is especially true of platinum blonde. The chemicals in the bleach can change the soft texture of hair, so it’s important to try and put as much moisture and life back into the locks. Always use a conditioner which has been produced with coloured hair in mind – this will counteract the chemicals which have been applied to the hair. It is also worth using a hair mask or deep conditioning treatment once a week to keep hair nourished and silky smooth.

4.   Always use a Professional

If you want real platinum blonde, you will have to trust a professional stylist – don’t even think about attempting a DIY job at home! It’s a complicated process, and depending on the colour of your base hair it might take a few trips to the salon before you reach your desired shade. Roots will be inevitable and very noticeable, so you’ll need to be visiting your stylist about once a month. Yes, being platinum is pricey so consider it carefully before running for the bleach.

5.   Use extensions instead

Dying and bleaching hair is damaging, no matter how careful you are or how good your hairdresser is. If you’re blonde already, instead of distressing the hair with bleach why don’t you use professional extensions to lighten the overall colour? Not only will this be a kinder option but a cheaper one too, as on average extensions last for three months and you won’t need constant trips to the salon to maintain the colour. Take a look at the bleach blonde shades in the HD range.