Grooms Enjoy a Confident Wedding Day with Hair Development

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2 October 2020
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2 October 2020
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Grooms Enjoy a Confident Wedding Day with Hair Development

Weddings are supposed to be the happiest day of a man’s life, yet for gents suffering from hair loss, they can conjure up a bundle of nerves. Innovation led enterprise Hair Development is putting an end to pre-wedding jitters with its cutting edge hair loss solutions and replacement therapies that will have men confident and ceremonial ready in no time.

Summer wedding season is on the horizon and across the nation, men will be gearing up for their big days. Yet despite how slick the suit, how shiny the wedding rings or how beautiful the bride, hair loss hang ups can seriously jeopardise the entire experience. After all, the occasion will be documented in photographs that will be pulled out for years to come. Hair loss can be caused by a myriad of triggers, from genetics to stress and other medical factors. But with Hair Development, gents don’t have to walk down the aisle with less than impressive locks.

Mark Burns, Managing Director of Hair Development said, “As a male I can categorically say that gents do get self-conscious about their looks, especially when it comes to receding hairlines and balding. Anyone who has faced balding scalps or thinning crowns will testify that it can be a serious blow to confidence levels. Our hair loss solutions have been formulated to help men combat thinning and hair loss, and walk down the aisle feeling on top of the world.”

As the original non-surgical solution, the Miracle Graft Hair Replacement system is both versatile and virtually undetectable. One strand at a time, the finest quality 100% human hair is implanted into the unique translucent membrane. This meticulous approach allows stylists to replicate the natural direction of growth, as well as achieve a perfect match with natural hair colour, texture and wave.

Handmade and favoured by the likes of movie stars and celebrities, the Crystal Lace Micro Graft Hair Replacement system is another of Hair Development’s most popular solutions. With its staggered hairline and undetectable lace front and ultra-fine Polyurethane Polymer Membrane, it will have men swaggering down the aisle to await their bride with pride and poise.

Another revolutionary solution is the Continuous Hair Graft system. Made up of 12 identical pieces that are lightweight and utterly undetectable by sight or touch, the system creates incredible results. Renowned as the world’s most versatile hair replacement system, Celebrity Lace is natural and long-lasting.  Technicians will fit a handmade lace front that merges into the scalp to reproduce the look of natural hair growth.  Hair Development offers the medium density layered style in 65 colours for the perfect match.

Of course laser therapy is also available for grooms with time to spare, which stimulates follicle growth. For men with special requirements, Hair Development also offers custom made solutions. Exclusively created by the in-house team of hair experts at the London clinic, the bespoke service uses advanced materials and techniques to deliver the ultimate in hair replacement.