Hair Styles to Rock with a Hat

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23 October 2020
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Hair Styles to Rock with a Hat

combing of hair and styling MP57NB9

combing of hair and styling MP57NB9

Hats are SO in this winter, however ladies can often have a tough time deciding how to wear their hair under the super stylish winter accessories. Plus, most ladies have an intimate relationship with their locks, associating them with confidence, femininity and their individual sense of style.

Lucky for you, we’ve got winter hat and hair combos all wrapped up with our guide to some seriously slick ‘dos’ that will look hot to trot when teamed with hats.

Side French braid

Show off your tresses by sweeping them to one side, then plaiting them in an intricate side French braid that drapes over one of your shoulders. This is a great way to avoid your locks becoming tangled in wild winter winds. Style with the hat of your choice, as all hats can be worked with this style.

Faux bob

Bobs look gorgeous under hats, but not all ladies are ready to take the plunge and chop off their locks. No problem! A ‘faux’ bob achieved with oodles of bobby pins is the perfect quick fix solution. We guarantee the shorter locks will give your outfit an instant edge.

Gibson roll

Perfect for rocking under a Fedora, this roll sits at the nape of the neck for an elegant and refined aesthetic (a la Kate). With a little practice it should only take you five minutes or so in the morning.

Segmented pigtails

Worn solo, pigtails can seem a little young and dated. However when teamed with a cute hat they become bang on-trend. We love this segmented look that’s been sweeping catwalks and fashion mags as of late.

Front braid

Hats can often push hair to the front of your face, which is what makes this front braid so fabulous for ladies in search of winter style solutions. Sweep it over your forehead for a pretty look and leave the rest of your locks to hang loose. Then slap on a hat for the finishing touch.

Top knot

If you’re taking to the streets in an on-trend head wrap (this season’s hottest accessory!) then a top knot is the perfect way to manage your mane. Pre-braid for a prettier look, or simply sweep up onto the top of the head for a slick do.

Love these looks? We can help get your hair winter ready with our premium range of professional hair extensions systems that add length, volume and creative colour in an instant.