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Halloween Hairstyles

Halloween is on the horizon and for us gals, it means one thing – it’s costume time! While the threads themselves are hugely important, there’s no denying that tresses should always receive just as much attention. With so many fabulous options to choose from, it can be difficult trying to decide whether to go sexy, sassy, strange, silly, spooky or just downright scary. To help you decide we’ve come up with a list of Halloween hairstyles that are guaranteed to get you bags full of treats!


Want to opt for a feminine look that’s sexy yet not too OTT? A mermaid is a wonderfully whimsical choice. Top off your marine themed costume with wavy locks that would do Ariel proud. Wet your hair (don’t wash!), apply mouse, blow dry while tousling with your fingers, then make a loose centre part. Then use a curling wand to create smooth curls.


Aladdin’s the latest hit on Broadway and you can channel the outrageous ‘genie’ look by parting your hair in a dramatic horizontal part from one ear to the other. Tightly tie back the bottom half, then repeat with the top to create a bouffant style. When you’re done wrap a thick strand of hair from each tail around both the elastics.


Channel the damsel in distress look by tousling dry hair with mousse to create volume. Sweep hair to one side, gather under the ear and loosely braid. Throw in some gold or velvet trim for a luxurious look.


Look snake slithering sexy by braiding random strands of hair into plaits of all shapes and sizes. Pile on top of your head, accessorise with gold jewellery and be sure to rock some faux snake skin.

Gatsby chic

Going for an ultra-chic 1920s flapper look? Do Daisy proud by styling your hair into soft waves with a side part. Top it off with an embellished headband, ideally with a feather or two.

Braided cat ears

For an ‘oh so cute’ look that will anchor your whole costume, braided cat ears are utterly adorable. Separate two relatively thick sections of hair on either side of your crown. Then braid each individually, incorporating a pipe cleaner into one of the three sections. Shape into triangles and voila!

Need help creating a killer hairstyle to match your costume? Why not enlist the help of our hair extensions to feel like a Halloween goddess?