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Hot Hues for Spring 2015

2015 is promising some exciting hair trends and with a plethora of hot hues available, hair is set to get a hell of a lot more interesting. The trend dictates light, fresh colours to help launch us all into spring. The experts at Hair Development have pinpointed highly desirable colours to help you make a huge impression this year. 

Light Brown

A lighter alternative to more dominating hues, light brown serves as an ideal transition from jet black and chocolate brown brunette tones. Capturing the essence of summer whilst retaining its dark origins, light brown is the perfect colour to select if you wish to remain in the brunette camp whilst flirting with the lighter side of life.

Honey Brown

Honey is one of those heavenly colours that remain forever on trend. Fusing brown with blonde, this look is subtly sun kissed for those who want a more authentic, au natural look.

Golden Brown

Golden brown is always in hot demand popularised by celebrities including Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez. Golden brown hues lend warmth to skin and the correct shade can work wonderfully with all skin tones. This is a dramatic look to debut for spring and summer and works wonderfully with tanned skin.

Light Ash Brown

For cooler hues, light ash brown hair is truly striking. Beyonce and Cheryl Cole have been known to experiment with this ravishing look. The selling point is how natural, understated and yet beautiful light ash brown looks. As a naturally popular colour, it also suits most people.

Gold Blonde

Scarlett Johansson, Paris Hilton, Amy Smart and Nicola Peltz are all fans of gold blonde hair. Gold blonde really helps blue and green eyes pop and looks wonderful on both fairer skins and beach babe tans. Unlock your inner blonde bombshell with golden blonde strands.


Katy Perry and Emma Stone have made copper hair popular again. Copper is eye catching, ravishing and unusual. Red hair is typically affiliated with autumn and flatters fairer tones and lighter eyes. Blake Lively and Ashlee Simpson have also worked the look with fresh-from-the-beach tans for an immediate update.

Ash Blonde

For a cooler blonde hue, ash blonde is a firm favourite ideally suited to lighter complexions. Ash blonde hair looks classic and stylish without detracting from or overpowering your overall look. Jennifer Aniston and Gisele Bundchen are fans of this fantastic colour.

Other hues worth experimenting with include:

Very light brown

Light ash brown

Beige blonde

Pale Chestnut

Light auburn

Bleach blonde

Light ash/beige blonde

Beige blonde/beach blonde

Chocolate ash

So…what colour will you opt for this year?