How Much Should You Spend on Your Hair?

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2 October 2020
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2 October 2020
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How Much Should You Spend on Your Hair?

Women are no strangers to paying through the nose for amazing hairstyles. Recently, Hilary Clinton made headlines for spending $600 on a new haircut – but is that too much? Read more and find out how much YOU should be spending on your hair this season.

The Average Price of a Cut

Last year, The Guardian ran a poll to find out how much men and women paid for their haircuts, finding that 49% of women are only willing to pay £25 – £50 for a haircut. 25% are willing to pay between £50 and £100, and only 4% are willing to pay £100+ for a haircut.

While this shows that UK women aren’t likely to pay Clinton prices, The Independent said that the average British woman spends £140,000 on hair and grooming in her lifetime –it’s not all about the chop.

Styling and Grooming

When it comes to hairstyles, they are available in abundance for women who are determined to keep up with the latest seasonal styles. Changing hair colours is one of the ways in which women are spending copious amounts of money. A simple dye job can cost in the region of £50+ at some salons, with prices increasing depending on the colour.

Some colours require more work, especially if it is a drastic change from a natural hair colour. Blonde and grey hair is as popular as ever and can cost in the regions of £60 – £100, and that is before hair has been trimmed.

Hair Extensions

Of course when it comes to hair, a dye job isn’t the only thing that women are willing to splash the cash on. Hair extensions have been the “it” product for many women over the years, and shows no signs in changing.

This means that hair extensions are everywhere, with many retailers claiming they give the best prices – but how much should women be paying for high quality hair extensions?

Available in a wide selection of colours and lengths, when it comes to buying hair extensions, women are willing to spend the big bucks, and for good reason. Quality hair extensions are expensive, but they are more like an investment. Spending money on cheaper, lower quality items means that in the long run more money will be spent on replacements.

Purchasing extensions from a recognised retailer means that women can be sure they are getting the best quality, and receiving the very best product available whether it is permanent virgin human hair extensions, or fashion extensions that add length and volume for special occasions.

Hair extensions can start at as little as £40, but for women who desire the very best manes, you can pay hundreds of pounds for a full head of hair.

Do you have hair extensions? Maybe you regularly spend large amounts on your hair? Let us know why on social media, we want to hear from you!