How to Reduce Damage to Your Locks

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How to Reduce Damage to Your Locks

beautiful girl with long hair MPJSK4Q

beautiful girl with long hair MPJSK4Q

Constant heat and styling can wreak havoc on your locks. No matter how many deep conditioning treatments you use, sometimes damage to hair – and scalp – is irreversible. The best way to keep locks looking lovely is to prevent the damage in the first place, rather than trying to reverse it. This can be difficult, considering everything from the environment to the hairdryer can cause long term damage. Here are some top tips from the HD experts for reducing hair damage.

Let your hair be natural…every once in a while

If you wash your hair every day, then no doubt you also use a hairdryer on it, and then style it – with more heat. Doing this every single day is damaging your hair! At least once or twice a week, leave your hair to dry naturally and cut down on the straighteners and curlers. Any type of heat is bad for hair, so try and save it for special occasions. If you’re not sure how to style damp hair, pulling it into a braid or a bun is a good idea.

Choose friendly extensions

Hair extensions have been blamed for causing damage to hair and scalp – but not all extension application systems are the same, so this claim isn’t true. Some low quality extensions may not be as kind to hair as HD’s, and if you trusted an unqualified stylist this may also have implications. However, there are many options which don’t damage hair at all. Our concealed connections range uses no glue, no sewing, no chemicals and no heat – so it’s completely friendly to your scalp and existing hair.

Get regular trims

Split ends bear the brunt of hair damage, and can make your hairstyle look more damaged and brittle than it actually is. Visiting the salon regularly for a good trim can get rid of split ends and keep hair looking healthy.

Be gentle

Are you guilty of yanking at your wet hair when you find a knot? Perhaps you aren’t using the right brush. Rough brushing and combing can cause damage to the hair, as well as causing split ends and making it fall out completely. Always be gentle when brushing and stylish your hair, especially when wet or when wearing extensions.

Follow these steps and you should start noticing your hair looking healthier as it starts to repair the damage.