How To…Get Holiday Hair Ready

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2 October 2020
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2 October 2020
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How To…Get Holiday Hair Ready

You’ve spent weeks of planning; buying bikinis, following that ‘beach body diet,’ topping up false tan in the hope of not looking the only milk bottle by the pool…it’s almost holiday time!  Many of us only get the chance to jet away once a year, which is why we spend the whole year leading up to it planning and preparing.

But what are you doing to make sure you will be holiday hair–ready? Every time summer rolls around, there is only one hot style you need to rock – beach waves.  This effortless laid-back style looks gorgeous on all hair colours and lengths, but ultimately luscious long locks works best.  Follow these simple steps to ensure your tresses are ready for summer fun!

1. Extensions    

To increase the volume and staying power of your relaxed, beach waves there’s nothing better than Hair Development human hair extensions.  Make sure you book an appointment to get them put in at least a week before you jet off on your jollies, so you can get used to styling and washing them beforehand.  If you’re planning to apply as less heat as possible on holiday (there will probably be more than enough humidity) then choose a natural texture such as natural body or natural wave.  These are perfect for creating the tousled just-been-surfing look.

2. Style when wet

Especially if your hair is naturally straight, starting the styling with damp hair will definitely improve the tousled waves effect.  This shouldn’t be too hard on holiday, as you’ll constantly be dipping in and out of the pool or sea.  If possible let hair dry naturally, and use a texturizing spray to scrunch up the waves.  If your hair is quite fine or flat (it won’t be with extensions) then turn your head upside down while spritzing to create more volume.

3. Finish off with heat

If your beach waves are refusing to show or the humidity has turned your head into a frizzy mess, then as a last resort you can add the heat.  Use a curling iron but to stop the tight, slick curls, use a wide barrel and don’t clip the hair in.  Concentrate on the roots and the middle of the hair, and leave the ends free – this will give the desired windswept, natural look.

Voila – your beach hair is sorted!

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