How To…Get Thick, Voluminous Hair in an Instant

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2 October 2020
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How To…Get Thick, Voluminous Hair in an Instant

Thick, voluminous locks are oh so hot right now, with everyone from famous actresses and superstar singers to everyday gals rocking the on-trend look.  But how do they achieve that incredible oomph? It may look natural but in reality, most girls master the look with premium quality hair extensions. Offering natural results, instant volume and complete control over length, hair extensions are an increasingly popular option for girls across the globe. Read on for our complete guide to getting thick, voluminous hair in an instant!

Permanent human hair 

Boasting over 50 years of experience in the hair extension industry, Hair Development offers an unmatched level of expertise. Offering all the latest hair extension application systems, the team has something to suit every mane! Below are some of the most popular permanent hair extension options:

  • Concealed Connections

With no heat, glue, chemicals, hooks, tape or sewing, Hair Development’s Concealed Connections system is one of the kindest hair extension options on the market. Taking just 90 minutes for a full head, it is also wonderfully fast! 

  • C.P.T Continuous Pre-Tape

Specially designed to replicate natural growing hair, the C.P.T Continuous Pre-Tape system is a great option. The skin weft, hand tied extensions are guaranteed to last for 6-13 weeks and are suitable for all hair types. 

  • M-Fold Connections

Renowned as the flattest parallel extensions, this system is ideal for those with fine hair. The flat design perfectly replicates naturally growing hair and can be completed in just one hour! With no heat or chemicals, M-Fold Connections are also amazingly kind to the hair! 


For those that prefer the convenience and flexibility of removable hair extensions, Hair Development has a range of styles, colours and lengths to suit all hair types.    

  • Instant Clip-On Wefts

Achieve instant volume, length and glamour with instant clip-on wefts from Hair Development. The 100% human hair clip-ons are amazingly natural and are easily secured into place with locktite clips for a seamless look and comfortable feel. Perfect for an occasional touch of corporate glamour, night out on the town or special occasion!


  • Lace Front

Those with a broken hairline will love Hair Development’s Lace Front solution offering the ultimate natural look. Comprising of dimple individual hairs knotted onto an invisible lace, this option is ideal for wearing every day or saving for special occasions.  

Whether you’re looking for permanently luscious locks or a quick solution for a special occasion, Hair Development has a fantastic range of hair extension options to suit all occasions. With ultra-fast salon application times and easy to achieve DIY looks, every girl can get thick, voluminous locks in next to no time!