How To…Get Wedding Hair Ready

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2 October 2020
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How To…Get Wedding Hair Ready

Nothing is more important for a bride-to-be than her beauty on the big day. One of the most essential components to bring together the glamour and decadence of the day is phenomenal hair. Fortunately, preparing wedding ready hair needn’t be one more thing to worry about. Instead, it can be one of the most enjoyable and pleasurable processes within the preparation period. Here are a few things to consider to ensure your bridal hair takes people’s breath away when you’re walking down the aisle!


There are wide assortments of styles available making hair the most versatile body part we can manipulate! It can be useful to ascertain your face shape to gather what styles work well. Would you prefer a longer look or a shorter, sassier style? Do you want a poker straight, sleek look, or wild, rambunctious curls? Will you be wearing your hair down on the day, half up half down or will you be skipping down the aisle with an up-do? Weddings are the perfect time to either capitalise on your statement look or turn up with a completely unique change! It can be useful to ask trusted friends and family as well as professionals. You can even use websites to insert desired styles onto a photographic template of yourself to gather an idea of the style you want to replicate on the big day.


Prepping the hair to be in tip top condition prior to the big day is essential. Generally speaking, longer hair gives you more to work with, opening you up to a broader range of styles. Caring for the hair is important, although in cases where hair may be damaged or not the desired length, extensions can be inserted to create a longer, fuller look. Of course, eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water whilst getting lots of rest enable hair to grow to its full potential. It is necessary to use a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask (once weekly) and hair oil to keep hair nourished. There are many brands available on the market and it can seem overwhelming! If you’re happy with what you’re using, stick with them. If you feel your hair leaves something to be desired, consult someone you trust to hear their recommendations.


A highly common question is, “When should I wash my hair?” Typically, it is best to wash your hair the day before the wedding because day old hair is easier to style and will still be in good condition.

Something old, something new

For a wedding day, you typically have two choices. You can either capitalise on your statement style by going for a classic, timeless look or you can reinvent yourself as someone totally different. The option you choose is completely dependent on you, though our advice is to pick a look that is typically you which can be glammed up on the big day.


Don’t expect to turn up on the most important day of your life with perfect hair. You need to be practicing it before hand! A hair trial helps you see how your hair will look and you may want to try the dress on with the hair style to see how it affects the whole look. (For example a backless dress may look better with an up do).


Often people bring magazines and images to their hairdresser of celebrities who are actually wearing hair extensions. To add thickness, texture, volume or length, human hair extensions can look natural and be highly efficient. They are also a useful way to diversify your look. Some brides like to change their dress on the day to have an extravagant wedding dress and a ‘party look’ for later in the evening. Alternating your hair using extensions can be a great way to transform and play around with your look. Clip-On extensions can be inserted the day of your wedding to compliment the style. For more intricate attachments such as human hair extensions, two weeks is preferable because it gives you time to trial the look and see if you are happy with it. As hair extensions can last for a long time, they can even see you through your honeymoon!


Pretty it up with feminine flowers and tempting tiaras. Jewelled clips, seashells for beach weddings and a plethora of other beautiful hair accessories all help make the most of your luxurious locks.