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How to…Vamp up Fine Hair

A voluminous, thick head of hair is all the rage, made famous by stars including Cheryl, Kimmy K and NZ songstress Lorde. Big hair is in hot demand but fortunately finer haired ladies are able to opt for endless volume-boosting hairstyles which can be further thickened with permanent ortemporary hair extensions to multiply their manes.

The Glossy Blowout

A glossy blowout utterly transforms fine hair. You only need to look to Victoria’s Secret star Karlie Kloss to see how she has completely transformed her hair by making the most of the hot hair trend. Layering around the face helps to define the features and adds further depth and movement. This look works best on shoulder length locks and adds sheen and dimension to finer hair. Think of this as an optical illusion that makes a strong style statement. Extensions can be used to add length or choppy layers.


Straight hair can look flat and emphasise the fineness of strands but waves dynamically adds bold definition and volume. For a boho look, extensions can effortlessly be added to improve your mermaid beach teased tousles. Centre part your hair and let the waves tumble.

Side Swept Fringe

The side swept fringe adds a point of interest to an otherwise dull or dowdy style. To create instant volume and a strong effect, this look is effortless and stylish and vamps up fine hair instantly.

The Blunt Cut

Fine, straight hair can look a bit boring. Natalie Portman is one such lady with finer hair who nonetheless tends to wear it straight. Her secret? The blunt cut! A blunt cut creates the illusion of thicker ends and doesn’t need maintaining every day.

Bottom Waves and Curls

Shorter styles can emphasise the lack of fullness but this cute trick will work wonders. Only curl or wave the bottom few inches of hair. This look creates lustre and volume that is completely modern.

Hidden Layers

For an instant anti-aging style, hidden layers (easily incorporated using extensions) create a multi-dimensional, youthful look that will be the envy of all. Kate Moss is a firm fan of this style. She teams the look with a bold Bardot-esque fringe.

Loose Ringlets

Fine hair easily holds most styles making it fun to work with. There really is a silver lining to every hair type and texture – and for fine hair its malleability is its key selling point. Curls add movement and volume and look great in motion.

What’s your top tips for adding volume to fine hair? Let us know!