Our pre-bonded human hair extensions system delivers easy handling to ensure fast, efficient and secure attachment of the extension to the clients own hair. Designed to be used to attach our Supreme pre-bonded extensions and Supreme pre-bonded mini-strands, these tools offer a professional range of tools to create totally natural looking glamour! This system includes:

  • Supreme Bond Connector – a bonding tool to heat and fuse the pre-bonded extension to the recipients existing hair
  • Protective Shields – to ensure bonding resin does not come into contact with the scalp during applications
  • Silicone Pads – used to roll and shape the bonds whilst protecting the hands

The extensions will stay in place for approximately 3-months with regular washing. At this time, your extensions will need removing or replacing and requires the following tools:

  • Bond Remover – this solution gently release and removes the bond whilst being kind to hair
  • Supreme Bond Releasing Tool – Helps break the bond to allow the bond remover to work more effectively
  • Supreme Bond re-bonding strips – these can re-apply our exclusive bond to the hair for reattachment
  • Supreme Bond Starter Kit – Click Here

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