Innovation at its best, this unique system requires no heat, bonding materials or chemical treatments. It is kind to hair and lasts for at least three months with over 100 shampoos.

This unique extensions system utilises tiny precision-engineered micro-links that are preloaded on a special application tool, or used with a single-link tool. Mini-strands of human hair are fed through the link with the clients own hair and securely pressed into place using the Supreme Pressing and Releasing tool or the Alternative Releasing Prong. This system easily and quickly allows the extensionist to attach hair that delivers extra length or volume in a virtually invisible concept that is exclusively developed by Hair Development. It’s perfect for clients who want glamorous hair without using a chemical application process.

The tools that come with this system are:

  • Jars of precision-engineered 3.5mm micro-links in an assortment of colours
  • Pre-loaded application tool
  • Single link application tool
  • Supreme Pressing and Releasing tools
  • Alternative Releasing prong
  • Alternative link threading tool
  • Strongest Link Starter Kit Click Here

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