When you have had a glorious head of hair extensions attached, the bonds are hidden by the next layer of hair above. But with the back and sides extended, you can run out of camouflage as you reach the crown. What do you do? The ends of the hair on the top of the head can be tapered to merge into the long extended hair; this is OK but the volume and length of the top hair should be the same as the rest.

The answer to this predicament is VOLUMEXTRA, a new and ingenious unit designed and created exclusively by Stan Levy of Hair Development. With 3 attachment methods, hair extensions can be:

  • Fed through the rippled looped monofilament edge and attached in a holding pattern.
  • The customer’s hair can be fed through the cool breathable open hand-tied weft and attached using micro rings (strongest links)
  • The detachable Loctite Clips can be used on the perimeter

VOLUMEXTRA Is available in two lengths; 40cm [16”] and 15cm [6”] and the same colours as our European extensions.

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