Hair Care Products Designed for Extensions

The bond or application adhesive used to attach extensions needs to be properly maintained to extend the look, life and beauty of your extensions. To ensure your hair and the application products are kept in optimum condition, the experts at Hair Development have created a range of specialist hair care products designed especially for extensions wearers.

IONICS Extensions Care

  • Daily Conditioner

This miracle conditioner is formulated with an intricate blend of special conditioning agents to smooth the hair, reduce friction and prevent breakage.

Available in 8oz or 16oz

  • Deep Conditioner

Our most highly recommended product for extensions, Deep Conditioner contains the highest levels of almost all essential ingredients necessary to nourish, protect and render cut hair in the very best condition. Extensions hair can become porous and unlike hair growing naturally, it cannot absorb vital nutrients from the scalp. This product contains Keratin and other advanced ingredients to ‘feed hair’ and ensure maximum health. Simply mix with warm water and apply after brushing and before washing and re-apply neat after shampooing.

Available in 8oz or 16oz

  • Maintenance Spray

A light leave-in maintenance spray, this is the only solution for preventing colour oxidisation! Essential to complete the care regime required for extensions, this special conditioner is unique in that it literally neutralises oxidisation; that is it prevents colour fading and problems that cause colour loss including washing, the sun, ultra-violet rays and exposure to the environment. This fantastic product is applied weekly to ensure the colour vibrancy of your extensions remain intact throughout their life.

Available in 8oz 

TRIONICS – A New Innovation in Extensions Care and Maintenance

  • Clarifying Shampoo

This formulation cleanses the hair and extracts residues prior to new treatments including the removal of silicone build-up. This is especially important for pre-perm or pre-colour.

Available in 1000ml (1 Litre)

  • Hair Extensions Shampoo

A beautiful soft wash shampoo, this non-drying cleanser is formulated to prevent interference with the bonding adhesives helping to protect the bond and extend the life of the attachment. A must-have shampoo for extensions wearers.

Available in 250ml 

  • Shake & Protect

Our Thermal Conditioning Spray combines special proteins to enhance hair health and provide heat protection. As well as adding radiance and shine, it actively reduces heat damage cause by styling tools and dryers to leave hair luxuriously soft and smooth.

Available in 250ml

  • Glossing Serum

A specially blended concentrated glossing serum that delivers instant shine and vibrancy whilst actively repairing split ends, managing flyaway hair and reducing static.

Available in 30ml