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2 October 2020
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Join The ‘Bronde’ Crowd

Have you heard about the new ‘bronde’ trend? Seen on some of the biggest celebrities from J-Lo to Cara Delevingne and Jessica Alba, women from all over the world are embracing ‘bronde’ tresses which suits all ages and skin tones. Read more to find out what the new hair colour craze is, and how you can update your locks this season.

What is ‘Bronde’?

For years women have been trying to achieve the colour blending beauty trend that is ‘bronde’ – a hair colour which blurs the lights between blonde and brunette. However, as proved by Jennifer Lopez, ‘bronde’ hair is here to stay.

When it comes to creating the best ‘bronde’ colour, it is essential to find the right  combination of tones and hue – rich chocolates combine with warm golds or caramels, while cool and pearlescent blondes pair perfectly with ash or smoky bases.

Tip: Don’t place lighter pieces through the parting area. Keeping this area dark allows regrowth to be concealed, helping to promote easier maintenance.

Be ‘Bronde’ at any age


20’s: Be daring! Mix striking blondes with strong contrasts and bold internal panels.

30’s: Keep colour in the family, using the same tones helps ensure that a mid contrast of depths are used – which is key to pulling off this look.

40’s: Do you have white hair coming through? Keeping colours on the lighter side of blonde allows for easier maintenance. By keeping hues blended, there should be minimal visible colour connection. Lighter bases can be flattering -especially considering complexions can change in the latter part of the 40’s.

How to Achieve the Best Blends

Sometimes the best colour blends come from experimenting. High quality hair extensions ensure that hair is not damaged by excessive dying. Using hair extensions allows women of all hair colours to experience the boom in colour blending.

Do you have red hair? Why not mix your hair with some browns to make your hair a unique shade of ‘bed’?

Are you more of a brunette? Mix your hair with quality red hair extensions and become the envy of everyone with radical ‘runette’ hair.

No matter the hair colour, using a mixture of unique and specially designed clip in hair extensions allows women to keep up to date with the latest hues of hair colours, switching and changing colours as needed – without disastrously damaging hair.

What do you think of the new trend in hair colours? Would you consider taking up the trend? Let us know on social media, we want to hear from you!