Let’s Hear it For The Boys: Ponytail or No Ponytail?

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2 October 2020
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2 October 2020
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Let’s Hear it For The Boys: Ponytail or No Ponytail?

To cut or not to cut, that is the question. At least when it comes to the hairstyles of some of the world’s most sought after hunks. Celebs such as Jared Leto, David Beckham, Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom have all sported ponytails (or man-buns) in their time. So which look do the ladies prefer? We pit their long locks against their shorter crops to see which one we prefer…


Jared Leto


As 30 Seconds to Mars front man, Jared Leto has always been able to pull off the rock star look. So it came as quite the surprise when he chopped off his locks and stepped out with a crop. With his delicate features, we definitely think we prefer the longer tresses for that masculine, grungy edge. Especially when they’re as shiny as his Oscar!


David Beckham

Mr Beckham is gorgeous no matter what look he sports, but we have to say, we do love the way he pulls off a mid-length style. While we weren’t head over heels for his long ponytail days, the extra length seen in the first pic really sets off his features and makes him look downright sexy.

Brad Pitt

Let’s face it, Brad Pitt is more than capable of pulling off any hairstyle he chooses. Even if he went completely bald, he’d still be utterly gorgeous. More recently he seems to be sporting longer lengths which is definitely our favourite look. Despite the fact that he’s a little older, he manages to make the style look refined and classy, with a ‘too cool to care’ edge. Although he does seem to go from long to short quite quickly which makes us wonder if his stylist has some hair extensions for men up their sleeve…

Orlando Bloom

When you think ‘Orlando Bloom’ and ‘long hair’ we can’t help but be taken back to his Legolas days when he rocked some seriously lustrous blonde locks. Thankfully, his real life look is a little manlier, with his natural curls making the girls swoon. He looks fab with both lengths and never seems to opt for a full on crop. So what’s the verdict on this one? We have to say it’s a draw! 

What length do you prefer when it comes to hairstyles on the gents? We want to hear all about it!