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22 October 2020
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24 October 2020
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Life After the Beard

Barber cover12.19

Barber cover12.19

Will the Bravest of Barbers please step forward

In our incredible business of Hair, you have the power to make people look and feel superb.

Your clients are loyal. Constant. And a captive audience in your chair.

But are you able to provide them with the very latest cutting edge technology?

You now have the ability to enhance your clients and your profits with exciting state of the art products from Hair Development and furthermore, you will keep your clients for life.

Giving your clients what they need will see your profits soar.

You have the client. The space. The creativity.

Now all you need is to enhance your business with the help of HD.


HD Laser Therapy is a proven, effective and painless method to stimulate hair follicles resulting in re-growth to thicken existing hair.

Repairing, improving and strengthening the quality of the hair shaft, helping to prevent hair thinning and loss, and increasing blood supply to the scalp in excess of 50%.


Offer a Pompadour, Man Bun, ponytail, or the sensation of longer flowing hair, designs created for you with HD’s 100% Human Euro Cuticle Extensions.

You will be able to provide Hair Systems, temporary looks or courses of Laser Re-Growth Therapy with HD’s state of the art machines and techniques.


You will leap from the price of an Undercut to huge boosts in profit. Making the leap from £40 an hour to a possible £1000 with ease and in the same amount of time.

You will discover that offering your clients more variety is beneficial for everyone.


If you want to expand your skills further, come and train at the HD HQ Training Academy in London, where you will master all forms of Hair Extensions and Hair Replacement.



Keep your clients for life. When they lose some or all of their own hair, you can offer them a Custom Made Hair Replacement System. Enrolling in a short course at the HD HQ Training Academy will give you the ability to keep your clients forever.

Don’t let your clients down. Keep them for life with HD education and expertise, and you will generate a business without boundaries.

Hair Development’s clinical laser re-growth machines, Hair Systems, Applications, Training and allied products are available worldwide, please contact us for trade enquiries.