The Lowest Maintenance Haircuts: Top Tips

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2 October 2020
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2 October 2020
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The Lowest Maintenance Haircuts: Top Tips

It’s always the same. You get the ideal haircut and leave the salon looking and feeling like a supermodel. Then when you get home, wash your hair and try and recreate the style for the first time it looks nowhere near as good as it did when you left the salon – nowhere near!

Unfortunately this happens with all haircuts. Most of us aren’t professional stylists so don’t have the same skills! To try and avoid this happening every time you style your hair we have put together our top tips to ensure that your hair requires as little time as possible to style.

Thick Hair
If you have thick hair, going short can make a style stick out and pouf up. To avoid any unnecessary styling be sure to keep locks below your shoulders.

Keeping locks long and avoiding blunt cuts enables stylists to take some weight off of the head which can drastically reduce any wasted styling time. Long layers – especially around the face – help create movement and makes for a more flattering facial shape.

Straight Hair
One of the simplest hairstyles to maintain, straight hair works best when it is tousled slightly to help add texture. Long and over-grown works for straight hair. However, so does subtle well-blended layers. If opting for layers be sure that they are blunt and slightly feathered to cut down the minimal styling time.

Thin Hair
The problem with thin hair is that it is hard to maintain volume. Rather than asking a hair stylist to attempt trying to create fuller hair using layers, cut down on wasted time (and styling products) by embracing an easy-to-style one-length haircut.

Thin hair works better when it weighs itself down. Styles that fall just below the shoulders are ideal as they require very little product and styling.

Consider a blunt cut as they use blunt ends that create the illusion of thickness. Be sure to avoid bangs. Not only will they take up too much time, they don’t style well and can become wispy depending on how thin the hair actually is.

Wavy Hair
One of the most versatile hair types, sometimes all wavy hair needs is a dab of styling product. If you aren’t afraid to dramatically change your hair why not consider a tousled pixie cut? Both stylish and simple the pixie cut is the ultimate style and go haircut.

If you are blessed with longer wavy locks, the ultimate low-maintenance style is the shoulder-length shag. All it needs is a spray of sea-salt to give volume and depth to your luscious locks. If you’re concerned about your hair becoming overpowering be sure to ask for a lot of face-framing layers.

Curly Hair
Are your curls a bouncing delight in the style of Jess Glynne? Consider adding shape and giving your hairstyle a built-in style even after washing, with an angular bob. This is when hair is longer in the front than the back, giving clear and defined shape.  If you have bulky hair, go for curls that fall below your collarbone. Also ask for plenty of layers to give added volume and eliminates hair bulkiness.

If super tight curls are more your style, be sure to keep layers extra-long in the front to avoid curls constantly being in your face.

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