Male Hair Insecurities – The Solutions

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2 October 2020
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2 October 2020
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Male Hair Insecurities – The Solutions

Sports stars might like to claim that it’s all about the athleticism but tennis legends Andy Murray and Roger Federer set the record straight this month when they admitted that actually, it’s all about the hair. OK, they may not have been entirely serious but it does indicate that men can be just as insecure about their hair as many women, especially if they’re in the public spotlight! After launching a 30 minute Twitter Q&A session with his fans, Murray’s account went into meltdown when Federer piped up and asked, “How do you get your hair to be so curly? #HelpABrotherOut.” Murray replied with a pic of his locks looking suitably voluminous, captioned with a “@rogerfederer let me know if you ever want to go down this route…think it would be good for your image.” So what other famous faces are hung up on their hair? We’ve got the scoop!

Wayne Rooney

He may be on track to earn £13 million in 2015 but that doesn’t stop Rooney from being self-conscious about his hair. The legendary footballer is practically a poster boy for hair transplant surgery and not afraid to admit it!

Matthew McConaughey

Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey may be the hottest thing in method acting right now but he hasn’t always flaunted those gorgeous flowing curls. According to sources they started to fall out in 1999 which led to the heartthrob opting for hair transplants. It clearly worked as he went on to be crowned People”s Sexiest Man Alive in 2005!

Brad Pitt

With a cropped cut one day and a straggly mane the next, we’re rather suspicious that Brad has been dabbling in male hair extensions.

Robert Pattinson

While filming Twilight, Rob Pattinson admitted to sporting a wig in order to achieve the perfect swoon-worthy Edward locks. With the actor already showing signs of early hair loss, extensions or other hair replacement solutions could soon be an off-screen option for the actor.

Shane Warn

Aussie cricketer Shane Warn made global headlines when he transformed his receding hairline into a luscious golden mane worthy of the likes of Liz Hurley!

Everyday gents

It’s not just celebs that pay particular attention to their tresses. Salons across the UK have reported a 200% rise in male hair extensions. Citing David Beckham, Harry Styles and Oliver Cheshire as their inspiration, gents are becoming increasingly fond of ‘men-hancing’ hair extensions that create billowing locks in an instant.