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2 October 2020
The Evolution of Hairstyles
2 October 2020
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New Year, New You

Every year, many of us commit to New Year resolutions with the intention of completely and utterly reinventing ourselves. Whether we pledge to lose weight, change our image or head for a new hairstyle, a physical transformation is a wonderful way to renew our sense of self. At this time of year, an endless array of people flock to the salon to undergo a metamorphosis. With that in mind, here are some hot hairstyles to consider for the year ahead that are bound to turn heads. If you do decide to opt for the chop in a moment of impulsiveness, professional extensions are always on hand for an unnoticeable cover up. 

The Side-Sweep

This look has taken catwalks by storm and looks great on short, mid length or long hair. This versatile style adds shape, texture and volume to hair in an utterly glamorous manner. Side-swept fringes also look great.


The girly braid has come a long way and in 2015 the braid has become an increasingly elaborate affair. There are some utterly compelling new styles and techniques out there that continue to blow our minds including the striking mermaid braid. You’ll need full, long hair to pull off this look appropriately.

The Low Pony

The pony tail is an enduring school yard classic; practical and functional, this is a great sassy summer style. The low pony suits every face and style but you can also grunge up your pony with a long, layered look that adds a lot of interest to your style.

The Ombre

The ombre is still in fashion and will continue to pave the way in 2015. Sombre hair is also set to make waves – it’s a softer, subtler version of the ombre colour.

Au Natural

2014 saw women start to embrace their natural hair tone and texture regardless of their race and ethnicity. This exciting acceptance is leading to women working their hair with styles that aren’t too done and deliberate. Great for days when you have no time to style your hair!

Invisible Layers

What do Cameron Diaz and Jessica Alba have in common other than being stunning sex symbols? The answer is that they both have opted for invisible layers. Invisible layers work differently to conventional layers; they involve dry cutting and sneaky, subtle layers to add texture.


Balayage is the French art of giving your hair a natural finish by applying dye by hand instead of with foil. A little more time consuming but a lot more authentic, Balayage is here to stay.

What hairstyle will you decide on for 2015?