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2 October 2020
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2 October 2020
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Our Top 5 Hair Crushes

Every woman, no matter how splendid her own hair, gets a case of hair envy from time to time. Blessed with teaming tresses, magnificent manes and creatively coifed dos, celebrities certainly trigger our inner green eyed monsters. Fortunately we can also look to our celebrity crushes for inspiration when it comes to garnering heavenly hair of our own. Although we are a little spoilt for choice when it comes to celeb lush locks, here are 5 of our absolute favourites.

Cheryl Versini Fernandez

Voted beauty icon of 2014, Cheryl has recently knocked Kate Middleton off the top spot. Fabulously thick, gloriously glossy and victorious in its volume, Cheryl’s hair ticks all boxes. It’s not just her mega-watt smile, cherubic dimples and doe eyes that set off our sense of envy; it’s that lion like mane that she celebrates with reckless abandon. Cheryl has experimented with many colours from chocolate brown to fire truck red, but she always manages to look absolutely sensational by ensuring that her hair remains in tip top condition- further assisted with expertly applied extensions.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox is the kryptonite of girlfriends all over the world; her raven black hair, bold blue eyes and fiery attitude ensure she remains a contemporary classic in terms of breathtaking beauty. But whilst men all over the world long after Megan, we’re left lusting after her locks. Long, lush and healthy, Megan knows what suits her and has never ‘gone blonde.’ Her decadent dark locks look exactly like melted chocolate.

Karlie Kloss

We love Victoria Secret model Karlie for her quirky sense of fresh, fun and funky style. Karlie transitioned her long locks into a striking shorter style and has been both blonde and brunette. Karlie’s mid-length style looks sexy, subtle and simmering and has made her one of our all-time favourite girl crushes. Her honey and blonde highlights can be achieved easily with extensions, with a volume boost as a bonus.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is pretty ambitious with her hair. As a hair chameleon she’s constantly re-vamping her look. She’s been a classic black-haired pinup, a blonde and even gone slime green, bright purple and candy cane pink. We can’t keep up! Katy has singlehandedly boosted sales in multi-coloured dyes and extensions thanks to her own desire to consistently push the envelope.

Miranda Kerr

Former Victoria Secret model Miranda never fails to look sensational with her flowing long locks. Miranda has run the gamut of colours but looks especially stunning with blonde and brunette fusions. Miranda rarely has her hair poker straight; instead she wears her hair tousled and wavy for a look we love. Her image is very girl next door making her hair highly attainable.