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22 September 2021
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presenting….HD Elite Weft

HD presents…..the newest most incredible, yet gentle, method of Extensions…..

The HD Elite Weft

Hair Extensions. Everybody wants more beautiful hair and HD elite hair extensions open up a whole new world of possibilities. We all want amazing hair, volume, length, colour, hilites, but we mustn’t compromise the integrity our own hair or our clients hair in order to just merely have more hair.

With HD Extensions you can confidently enhance your own hair with HD hair that is ethically sourced, gently treated 100% remy hair, designed and created by Professionals for Professionals.

The term Remy is banded about a lot but the true definition, and one that very few extensions actually have, Remy literally means that the cuticle is travelling in the same direction, Remy hair has the root and tip traveling in the same direction to ensure the cuticle does not tangle or matte and remain aligned in one direction.

That is real Remy, so it’s ever so important to be sure that hair labelled as Remy, is indeed actually genuine Remy.

HD Elite has no glue, no tape, no braids, no solvents, no chemicals, no damage

Never compromise your own hair, in that I mean if you choose the best, hair that is the world’s finest, ethically sourced, remy, euro cuticle supreme, HD hair will enhance our own hair. We all want better hair, more beautiful hair, volume, length, colour, hilites, but don’t compromise your hair or your clients hair in order to just merely have more hair.

The HD elite weft opens up a whole new era in the world of Professional hair extensions. The HD unique integration with threading pockets in combination with small links makes this weft based Extension System, the pinnacle of hair perfection.

Weft does not shed, allowing you to create a perfect customisation for each and every client.

The HD Elite Weft is free from anything artificial or compromising.

Precision formed Nano technology links in 6 colours, with rounded edges for a soft gentle finish

HD Elite Weft has a soft, flexible base that follows the natural curve of the scalp

Fully customization for each & every client

Preloaded from the pack and ready to go / Prêt à partir

Ready To Go Hair

Prêt à partir cheveux

100% highest quality 100% remy cuticle correct raw hair. Ethically sourced from Russia and surrounding countries.

Each strand benefits from Micro Polymer Cross Linking and Perma moisture treatment to maintain a healthy shine.

Fast installation and removal, safe and secure, concealed undetectable finish, resuable for up to one year

Comfortable, soft, flexible, smooth flat finish,

For the Professionals, exclusive, unique, excellent service

45 to install, 15 minutes to remove

Reformer Tool is a rescue Tool for that rare occasion of a collapsed ring, which would only ever occur should the incorrect tool have been used initially.

Keep the links at each end for added security, you can cut the weft, even through an empty pocket, and round the edge slightly

45 colours

Basic, hilites, frosted, bleached

2 densities

Single Density 25g – 14” 35cm, 30g – 18” 45cm, 40g – 22” 56cm

Extra Density 38g, 48g, 60g

Ultra thin flat finish, for an undetectable HD Super System

HD Elite Weft by Hair Development, showing you the way ahead