The Pro’s Guide to Cleaning Hair Tools

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2 October 2020
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2 October 2020
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The Pro’s Guide to Cleaning Hair Tools

When it comes to fashioning fabulous locks, a tool kit is every girl’s best friend. That means that as well as developing skills in styling itself, you should also ensure that your beauty inventory receives ample TLC. Check out our write up for a pro’s guide to keeping hair tools looking spick, span and salon ready.


Brushes and Combs 

Start by pulling out any hair that may be caught in the bristles. Do this gently to minimise damage to the tool in question. If hair is really caught up in the bristles and you can’t pull it out without damaging the brush, try soaking it in a mug filled with warm water and a few drops of shampoo. When the base is clean use an old toothbrush to gently scrub the surface. Use a little shampoo and warm water to get rid of any build up. 

Curling and flat irons

It’s likely your curling and flat irons have a little buildup of product on the surfaces. Remove this by dampening a paper towel with sanitary alcohol, then gently rubbing the barrel or plate. Use a toothbrush to clean small spaces and grooves, then finish of by wiping with a damp cloth. Make sure all devices are cool and unplugged before getting to work!

Hair accessories

From ponytail holders and headbands to clips and scarves, the fact is that your hair accessories are going to get a little grubby over time. Keep them clean by filling the bathroom sink with warm water and a few squirts of shampoo. Let them soak for a few minutes, and swirl around with your hands to remove excess dirt. Rinse with warm water, air dry and voila – sparkling clean accessories!

Miscellaneous tools

For other tools that you’re not quite sure how to tackle, white vinegar works wonders. Spray a light mist over the item, then wipe clean with a cloth. White vinegar is packed full of antibacterial benefits which makes it great for eliminating germs and bacteria. If you prefer, a mixture of baking soda and warm water also works wonders.

As well as keeping hygiene standards in check, regularly cleaning your tools will help you create flawless hair styles, every time. Whether you want to rock gorgeous bouncing curls or create a super straight mane that’s impossibly sleek, squeaky clean tools are an absolute must.