Reasons why Human Hair Reigns Supreme

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2 October 2020
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2 October 2020
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Reasons why Human Hair Reigns Supreme

It might be tempting to turn to synthetic hair extensions but the merits of authentic human hair extensions are many. Although there are multiple reasons to utilise the heavenly properties of human hair, we’ve picked a solid selection that we rate highly.  Remember – cheaper isn’t always better!

1.       They Last Longer

When human hair extensions are appropriately cared for, they can last for up to half a year. By contrast, synthetic hair extensions typically last between 1-3 months dependent on the quality of care. For longevity and staying power, human hair cannot be beaten.

2.       You Can Use Heat

You can use straighteners, curlers and tongs on human hair, although you’ll of course want to use appropriate hair protection serums and sprays. Synthetic hair does not respond well to heat appliances, although there are heat friendly options available on the market. Many will simply melt when exposed to heat, or at best start to look unnatural. 

3.       They Are More Malleable

Human hair is versatile. You can do anything with it; straighten it one day and curl it the next. Synthetic extensions are ideal for those who prefer to utilise the same style every day. Benefits of synthetic hair also include not being influenced by weather, temperature or water – your extensions will basically remain in their pre-set style. As with natural hair, styles can be influenced by external conditions but this also gives a more natural, authentic appeal that is typically more flattering and yields less tell tale signs for those that don’t want their hair extensions to be spotted.

4.       They Can be Colour Treated

Just as you’d dye or highlight your own hair, the same looks can be cultivated with human hair. Synthetic hair extensions are often irrevocably damaged when treated with colour making it an option we wouldn’t recommend. With human hair extensions you have a versatile look which you can switch up as often as desired! 

5.       It Feels Natural

Nothing beats the authenticity of human hair; the soft, silky feel between the fingers, the movement, the shine – none of these aspects are quite so authentically duplicated by synthetic hair options.

6.       You Can Swim in Them

Swimming in synthetic hair extensions can damage them but natural hair behaves much like your own. Yes, it will get wet and the style may fall, but you aren’t damaging the hair. Human extensions are often better suited to most people’s lifestyles. Because they behave in the same manner as your natural hair, you know how hair will respond to external stimuli and are better placed to care for it. No nasty surprises!

7.       You Can Take The Credit

Synthetic hair sometimes gives itself away but natural hair extensions will blend right in without yielding tell tale signs. If you want people to think your hair extensions are your real hair, you can! No-one will know any different. So what are you waiting for? Browse our extensive range of premium quality human hair extensions now.