Same Haircut, Different Star: Who Wore it Better?

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2 October 2020
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2 October 2020
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Same Haircut, Different Star: Who Wore it Better?

In celeb circles, style is cyclical. When a hot new hairdo crops up, you can bet your bottom dollar other celebs will follow suit shortly. We’re all set to compare some of the heavenly hair looks of 2014 to test which celeb wore it better.

Jennifer Lawrence V Shailene Woodley

The comparisons come thick and fast with Jennifer and Shailene. Both head their own dystopian film franchise, both are poised as rising stars and both sheared their long locks and opted for cute pixie bobs. Jennifer’s larger than life, gloriously goofy personality lends attitude to her short style whilst Shailene accelerated to a newfound level of sophistication with her pretty pixie crop. For us, Jen is the clear winner; her confidence and boundless exuberance just boosts new life into the shorter look. However, after both girls went for the chop they started growing their hair back immediately as they missed that feeling of swishing their locks! Thankfully, extensions are always on hand to help the in between style – you never have to wait too long for long hair.

Cheryl Cole V Kim Kardashian

Both are famed for their dark, panther sleek locks but these ladies chose to lend warmer, caramel tones to their otherwise brown manes. The high maintenance style emphasises the dark doe eyes and olive skin tones of both ladies and is definitely a look worth loving. For us the style crown belongs to Cheryl who coupled the hot hues with her megawatt smile and captivating dimples.

Lea Michele V Jessica Biel

Glee crooner and Justin Timberlake’s beau have more in common than meets the eye; they’ve both spruced up their tresses with a subtle dip dye effect. The dark locks lighten as they lengthen which is truly captivating on the eyes and is ultra trendy right now. Although we love both ladies, we think Lea wins this one by an inch or two (literally).

Miley Cyrus V Pink

Miley Cyrus recently cut off her striking long locks and opted for a bright blonde sheared at the sides look. But haven’t we seen that look somewhere before? Back in the 90’s,RnB queen Pink plumbed for the controversial cut and has worn it ever since, marking her out as physically different from her long haired pop princess contemporaries Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. We’ve got to give the gong to Pink – she beat Miley to it!

Michelle Williams V Carey Mulligan

Michelle’s hair has been the same for years now but for Carey Mulligan, it’s become a true style statement. Michelle is a sumptuous sweetheart with her sizzling blonde crop but Carey is good enough to eat with her iconic, career defining do. 

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