Simple and Affordable Hair Hacks

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2 October 2020
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2 October 2020
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Simple and Affordable Hair Hacks

simple hair hacksSometimes it can be difficult to keep hair in tip top condition. Give hair some much needed TLC with these simple and affordable hair hacks – you’ll see the difference in no time.


Tackle Frizz with a Toothbrush and Hairspray

Using hairspray to control frizz is a delicate balancing act: use too little and it doesn’t make much difference, but spray too generously and you’ll end up with unpleasantly stiff hair. In order to make sure you have just the right amount to tame frizz, spray an old toothbrush with hairspray and run it over those pesky flyaway strands. It’ll hold your hair in place without turning it into a helmet.


Dry Shampoo Before Bed

Perfect for times when hair needs a wash, but when there isn’t time do so in the morning. 

Before going to bed, apply dry shampoo. This gives the shampoo chance to permeate each strand over night, giving clean, healthy looking hair in the morning. A two minute job can help save crucial time in the morning. 

Know Difference in Brush Type

Each brush has a different purpose, and knowing this is essential when it comes to hair care. Large round brushes are used for blow drying, small round brushes for creating curl and volume, and paddle brushes are used to smooth hair. When styling hair, using a suitable brush can create a significant difference to the overall appearance of hair.


Make Your Own Deep Conditioning Mask 

A replenishing hair mask can be made out of many items from the kitchen:  

– Eggs help strengthen hair as they are full of protein

– Avocado strengthens hair and adds shine

– Bananas soften hair and adds moisture

– Olive oil penetrates the hair follicles to deeply condition hair

– Yoghurt helps soften hair, while supporting strength – not suggested for oily hair.

– Mayonnaise uses proteins to help strengthen hair and add needed moisture 

Support Ponytails

There is nothing worse than a saggy ponytail, we know this. Bobby pins can be used to keep the style up right, and is a great way to maintain polish without trying very hard at all.


What are your favourite hair hacks? Let us know!