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2 October 2020
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2 October 2020
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Spring Hair Trends Revealed

The verdict is in – we have an exclusive look at some of the future’s hottest hair styles. A number of up and coming trends made an appearance on SS16 catwalks, and we’re sure you’ll be wearing them to work, parties and everything in-between this spring. One thing’s for sure – you’ll need long, lustrous hair to pull most of these off.

Hippy braids

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We’re going back to the era of flower power for this effortless style. This looks best with a middle parting, on mid to long hair. Simply separate and place tiny plaits in the hair, while leaving it all loose.4

Polished Ponytail

For those times when you want the hair out of your face and not so festival friendly, this style is ideal. Slick hair back into a ponytail, before tightly plaiting it and securing with another hairband. Make sure there are no loose ends – this is what makes the ponytail ‘polished’ and it’s great for a smart casual look.

Half-loop Pony

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At last – a really easy trend to follow! This is a great everyday hairstyle which takes seconds to create. It’s also fantastic for wearing on holiday, sunbathing on the beach. Simply make a messy ponytail, wrap the elastic around and on the last time leave hair half pulled through.


Braids and plaits seem to come back in trend every single summer. This year you’ll be braiding only half of your hair, so the rest hangs loose in a half up half down style. Follow the catwalk stylists by having two braids on the side of the head which crossover at the back.

Low and Textured

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Another easy one, this style looks pretty for all occasions. Scrunch your natural hair or use tongues to give it a bit of a wave. Then secure it loosely at the nape of your neck.

There’s your lowdown of the hottest styles for spring and summer – time to start growing your hair!