Tape In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

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2 October 2020
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Tape In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

100% Human Hair Extensions have become essential necessity, crowning the most glorious heads of hair worldwide and the perfect, easy way to achieve any desired style.

Hair Development has a vast range of more than 60 colours from platinum blondes, through shades of honey and chestnut to deepest inky black, some with hilites, HD’s famous darker growing roots and colour combinations in different textures and lengths.

Understanding Hair Extensions Basics

Remy is a phrase one often hears, but few know it’s real meaning. Remy actually means hair with the cuticle lying in the same direction. Hair Development’s hair is hand-selected and can be re-used for up to a year with proper care and maintenance.

Hair Extensions Application – a Brief Overview

  • Clip-in – a fun temporary look for a special occasion.
  • Sewn-in – where your own hair is attached to a hair weft sewn in with high grade silky thread and available in a deep curl, body wave, or relaxed straight options.
  • CPT – Continuous Pre Tape Extensions, hand-tied, undetectable skin wefts that replicate natural growing hair.
  • Strongest Link Mini Strands – amazing innovation utilising tiny precision engineered micro-rings, loaded with the option of a gentle silicone interior.
  • Slim-profile applicator is used with bonding resin cartridges and a heating element that maximises efficiency – designed to be used with bulk human hair.

Lengths and Colours

Hair extensions lengths may vary from 35cm to 55cm making hair extensions for short hair a viable option, where it can be readily blended and concealed.

Highlights, lowlights and ombré can be artistically added to your Extensions to provide the most beautiful.

Tape in Hair Extensions

  • Comfort – tape in hair extensions are so lightweight and easy to wear.
  • Blend in – combining with a seamless and natural way to your own hair.
  • Invisible – as each weft is slim with an integrated transparent tape you can’t see them.
  • Reusable – they can be quickly removed and replaced easily by a stylist specialising in professional hair extensions uk.
  • Easy to apply only taking around 35-40 minutes
  • Safety – hair extensions won’t damage your hair as long as they are professionally created and applied and add length and volume without harm.
  • Best choice hair extensions for thin hair – many tape in extensions are designed specifically for fine hair.
  • Average life is six to 12 weeks
  • Maintenance – you’ll need to take care of your tape in extensions to ensure they last longer – see a range of maintenance tips below:

Tape in Hair Extension Tips

  • Use hair products that are sulphate free and leave-in conditions to prevent tangles.
  • Don’t use any chemical products on your hair for at least a week before the application.
  • Be sure your hair is washed with clarifying shampoo and bone dry prior to application.
  • Wait 72 hours afterwards before washing your hair as this helps the adhesive to adhere properly.
  • Avoid scrubbing the attachment sites of extensions when showering, spraying or applying any other treatment directly onto the attachment.
  • Don’t go to bed with a wet head.
  • Use dry shampoo as a pick-up without the shower.
  • Invest in a good quality hair extension brush.
  • Brush your extensions morning and night from the bottom up to deter pulling, stress, and tangles.